Does the new blackberry curve 9360 have a touch screen?

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No, Blackberry curve 9360 does not have a touchscreen. But it is still very stylish with a 3.25 inch screen display Smartphone with QWERTY keypad, 800MHz processor, 5 megapixel camera and a useful WiFi at an affordable price.
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What phone should i get blackberry torch 9810 or curve 9360?

Get the curve 9360! It is more reliable unlike the torch 9810 it freezes and lags alot even with the new os 7. If you have the budget get the bold 9000 but if you don't then j

What is better iPhone 4 or blackberry curve 9360?

Well I am trying to decide between a blackberry curve9360 or the iPhone 4s all my mates are sayin they are really slow n they crash on u but everyone has them n the blackberry

Is the blackberry curve 9320 better than the blackberry curve 9360?

The Blackberry Curve 9360 is better than the Curve 9320 because it is slimmer, looks sexy, it iluminates itself in darkness, it has awesome, high resoloution 246 ppi, it has a