Does the full moon drive people crazy?

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Lunatic means "of the moon." The word lunatic actually means moon struck. Police forces all over the country man more police officers during a full moon. The craziness may not be permanent. Think how the moon affects the tides then consider you're about 80% water.
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How do people act on a full moon?

People act more crazy or like a lunatic, I hear it's because we have water in our bodies that the moon moves the tide so, when its a full moon the moon pulls the water current

How does a full moon affect people?

There are certain people that are very affected by the full moon. Some may not be able to sleep even if they are very tired. The craziness in a person can really come out. Bi-

Does the full moon make people act crazy?

Yes, the full moon can make people act crazy for no reason.. . but our bodies have allot of water... rumor is that the moon effects water... The moon is something that can n

Is full moon makes you crazy?

oh yea,,, specially when it Glows with its full glory like NOOR..its glorious icy rays ahh !! seems to be a view of heaven..

Why do cats go crazy with a full moon?

Probably the same reason some humans are said to go crazy on a full moon. The moon has influences on the Earth such as ocean tides. Living things could be picking up the gravi