Does the father have to pay child support and half of day care or just child support?

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Financial obligations of either parent depends upon the terms of the child support order. If there is not a court order then the parent cannot be forced to pay a specific amount nor other expenses until an order of support has been received. Yes, the noncustodial parent is OBLIGATED to pay child support, figured out by a program entered into a computer program, based on each parents net income, as well as time shared by each parent, with the child or children. Both parents are required to equally share the child care costs incurred, while the custodial parent works and also goes to school in every state that I know of. As well as, costs incrued for any medical costs for the child over what the insurance pays out. Of course you need a court order to enforce this, although every court that I am aware of, will uphold these terms.
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Do fathers have to pay child support?

Yes, when either the mother or the state department of revenue files a complaint for child support against him. The court will issue an order that can include back support.
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What if a father pays child support and the child is not his?

If the man signed the birth certificate knowing he was not the father he may be held responsible for providing child support until the child is eighteen in many states. If he