Does the Honda Si increase your insurance?

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yes your insurance will go up because it is a sports car, it will go faster, and it will get you more speeding tickets, insurance companies do not like that.
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What is Honda Si?

Answer . The Honda Si is different from a Honda. Generally, the Si model offers more features than the non-Si model. Usually, a bigger engine, more instrument features, be

What is the cost of full coverage insurance for a 24 year old single male on a 2008 Honda Civic Si?

I bought my 2002 SI new and my insurance has been $150.00/mo since I was 20. I'm now 25. However, I'm female, totaled my first car, and with my luck, I got hit by a SAAB the

How do you install 2002 Honda si speakers?

(Assuming you have purchased new speakers) 1. Find and remove all screws holding the door panel onto the actual door. 2. Slightly pry along the edges and bottom of the door p

What is the difference between a Honda Civic si and Honda Civic si ep3?

Honda Civic Si and Honda Civic Si EP3 the same thing. There are several different year models of of Honda Civic Si's. EP3 is the chassis code for that specific Civic Si 01-05

Where is the fuelpump on Honda Civic si?

All Honda fuel pumps are in the gas tanks except for the first to third gen i believe i own a 2002 Lx and it's in the gas tanks and every civic I've worked on it's been there

Will insurance increase if you were ticketed for no insurance?

Getting a ticket for 'no insurance' is not a moving violation. Insurers look more closely on serious moving violations suck as reckless driving or DUIs. However getting that t

Is there a automatic Honda Civic Si?

NO! the Si only comes in stick (manual) transmission, and as of 2006, it is a six speed transmission. i had a honda civic si with a auto trans my civic was a 99 so it mi

Where can you buy Honda CRX SI?

There are many places online where an individual can purchase the vehicle Honda CRX SI. Examples would include eBay, CRX SI website, and Honda's official website.
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What are the motor specifications of the Honda SI?

Honda SI's motor is inline 4 cylinder engine that produces 197 bhp. The motor produces a baseline of 139 foot pounds of torque. The motor is ideal for an economy gas powered v

What does Si mean for the Honda Civic?

The "Si" in Honda Civic means "Sport Injection". As such, this trimlevel has sporty elements, such as a spoiler, bucket seats, bettersuspension, exclusive alloy wheels, higher