Does social security stop at 18?

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Yes this could be possible depending on the type of social security benefits that this question is about and the reason that they would be stopped by the SSA at the age of 18.
Go to the SSA gov web site and use the search box or find some contact information for your local SSA office to get the information that you want.
Your benefits will end with the payment for the month before the month in which you attain age 18. You attain age 18 on the day before your 18th birthday.

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If you get married will they stop your social security?

No. Benefits do not stop when you get married. Also, you both continue to receive your check each month. In the event of death of one spouse, the surviving spouse will receive

Can a child under 18 apply for a social security card?

Yes.You can apply for and get a S.S. number at any age. Parents should get a card for children when in grade school.. Please do not use this site for Social Security informat

Why does your sons social security check stop at age 18 if he is going to college That's when it is needed the most?

Well because when your an adult say at age 18, all social security does is help you live with the money the governments giving you. At in the law says that legally when you ar

When can you stop paying social security?

NEVER not as long as you are still breathing and receiving any of the types of qualified earned income from an employer or being a self employed taxpayer and receiving income

Will you receive a stimulus check if you are 18 and getting social security?

In short, yes. The one-time payment of $250 will be only for recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security benefits, Veterans benefits or Railroad Retir

Does social security stop when you die?

Social security may not stop when you die. It depends on thesituation. The social security office will know how to apply yourparticular situation.

Can you stop your social security after it is started?

If you mean social security retirement benefits, yes, but you must pay back what was received by yourself as well as any amounts from spouses and children from your earnings r

How can you stop social security overpayment?

ask for a hearing and take it till it goes in front of a judge.if they find out it was due to a error on SSI's part they will not make you pay it back and throw it out. they d

How do I stop Social Security payments and wait until I am 66?

You can contact the Social Security Administration and request they suspend benefits at any time; however, if you filed for early retirement (before age 66) and have already r

Can Social Security stop your retirement benefits?

I was getting partial retirement benefit since 2010, but I did not get paid in 2011 from Sept 2011 to December 2011, they paid me 769. in the month of Jan 2012 after that they