Does filing Ch 13 then converting to Ch 7 cause any repercussions on your income tax filing this year?

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I don't know what other tax ramifications might result from the conversion, but if one converts their case from 13 to 7 prior to receiving their tax refund that year, the Chapter 7 trustee normally takes the tax refund check and distributes it to creditors if the amount of the refund is over $1,000.00 or so.
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What do you do with an inheritance received two years after Ch 13 filing?

Answer . If the Chapter 13 has been discharged for 2 years, then one normally doesn't have to do anything since 11 U.S.C. § 541 (a)(5) states that "(a) The commencement

If you filed a ch 13 three yrs ago and now no longer work can you now file a ch 7 in Louisiana and be discharged What happens to the 2 cars that were included?

Answer . \nThe Chapt. 13 can more than likely be converted to a 7. What happens to property depends upon the exemptions that are allowed under the law, and how the trustee

If your mortgage company is trying to have the automatic stay lifted for non-payment can you dismiss the ch 13 and go into ch 7 but still keep the house by then filing ch 13 again?

Answer . \nA chapter 13 can be converted to a chapter 7. The house would be included in the 7. Even if the homestead exemption protected it, it is apparent the lender does

Can you buy a house after filing ch 13?

While the c. 13 is still going, you will need to get the court's approval. You will need to have a definite house and a detailed mortgage approval. Buying the house will at le

Your husband and you had a ch 13 in 1999 and converted into ch 7 in 2002 discharged in 2003 you need to file ch 7 again in Ca when can you refile Help?

Under the bankruptcy laws effective on October 17, 2005, Chapter 7 cannot be filed unless the debtor was discharged from the previous Chapter 7 or bankruptcy more than eight y

If you file bankruptcy Ch 7 in December 2008 in the state of Florida middle district will your income tax refund for 2008 be taken away?

Very likely...the refund is because you had more money than needed withheld from your paycheck and pu in (essentially) a savings account at the IRS to pay your eventual liabil

You are filing ch 7 and they want a car you already sold?

If it was secured by the loan you didn't have title to sell. If you did sell it, better be prepared for a heap of legal problems from the buyer, because he didn't get clear ti

If you filed for ch-7 bankruptcy in November of 2002 when can you refile for ch-7?

Generally, you cannot be discharged of debt under Chapter 7 if you received a Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 discharge within the six years before the filing of this petition or if y

Can a person file for ch 7 bankruptcy even though he is still in ch 13 bankruptcy?

Yes and no. No you cannot file for two types of bankruptcy at the SAME time. But yes you can file for chapter 7 bankruptcy if you were unable to complete chapter 13, which is

How soon will they take your house if you file ch 7?

"They" will not take your house. If there is a mortgage holder, that entity will foreclose and sell the property. In some areas, there are so many houses in foreclosure, the m

How long after filing ch 13 can you apply for a car loan?

Between the time you file your papers for Chapter 13 and your court date, no one is likely to be interested in giving you a car loan. You don't get a "court date" in federal

How soon after filing bankruptcy ch 7 can you buy a house?

If the chapter 7 is still open, you cannot buy a house. If you have received your discharge and the case is closed (usually 6 months from the filing date), you should not have