Does each camera of the same model have different serial number on it?

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Yes, each item of any thing in the same model has a different serial number. It is the only way to tell which camera is which. Or anything else for that model. For instance, all Honda Accord cards produced in the year 2005 will have a different serial number. No two are alike.
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Where is the serial number on the Model 335?

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How do you find the serial number on the camera?

Serial numbers are usually on the bottom of the camera. They may be very, very small. Some less-expensive cameras may not have them. If you can't find it, check the manual in

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Which version... the centerfire model or the .22 rimfire model? There is no serial number on the rimfire model 55. It was made prior to the requirement in 1968.

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Where is the model number on a Canon camera?

Practically all Canon digital cameras have the model number clearly displayed on the exterior, although there are somesub-model numbers. Both the manufacturer model number an