Does anyone know what the law guidelines are for California right of first refusal when pertaining to family law?

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Right of first refusal ... to do what? regarding what? by whom?
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When was the first civil rights laws?

it was a very awsome time to be alive so you could see Dr.Martin Luther King JR give his speech. it was a very awsome time to be alive so you could see Dr.Martin Luther King

Refusing to submit to a sobriety test is your right by law?

no, that's false. Added: (in the US) the question is a TRUE statement. However you will suffer the consequences of your state's motor vehiicle operators licensing laws wh

What is right to cure in California law?

The right to cure in California law allows the borrower ,who is indefault of the mortgage, to pay the amount due on the mortgage, andall costs and expenses. This must be done

Right-to-know laws pertain most to?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) gives the patient access to their medical record (but not psychotherapy notes) at the federal level. Fu

What is the right of way law pertaining to fishing and hunting in Massachusetts?

I am not quite sure of the question but I think you are asking about access to private land for fishing and hunting. Access to private land is allowed for recreation as long a

Is Refusing to submit to a sobriety test is your right by law?

Yes, but they'll take you down the station then. Another View: I believe that in ALL states, when you are issued your driver's license you are either required to sign a do

When is refusing to obey the law right?

Opinion First of all, it must be recognised that those who refuse to obey the law remain subject to that law and therefore to all penalties prescribed by that law. Having sa

Mediation in Family Law-Rules and Guidelines?

RULES AND GUIDELINES FOR FAMILY LAW AND RELATED MEDIATION . Effect of Rules and Guidelines The purpose of these rules is to assist you in reaching a settlement of the is

What is the Law pertaining to payment of debt by cash being refused?

"This note is legal for all debs, public and private", right? That was added to money when the government seized the gold reserves that backed the money. Money used to mean t

How do you find out about any right to easement laws pertaining to your property?

You should contact the attorney who represented you when you purchased the property and request a copy of the title examination. If that is not possible you can hire a title e

Can you use a Claim of Right in family law?

You or your counsel can attempt it, however it is not normally a defense used within a family law context and may not be admissible. -quote- "Claim of right doctrine is a