Does an emergency room automatically test for HIV when they draw blood?

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At least in the United States if they are going to test you for HIV, they MUST inform you and you have to give consent. Well, if you are under 18, your parent would have to give consent.
Don't know what state you live in but, in Tennessee all that is required is for the person to tell you that you are being tested for HIV. If there is a needle stick then yes you may be tested for HIV but you will always be told first
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What blood tests are used to test for HIV?

There are several test used in HIV testing. ELISA- a blood test that looks for the antibodies of the virus Western Blot - a blood test that also looks for the antibodies

Does the emergency room test for STDs?

Is is not standard practice for an ER to test for STDs in a patient with no symptoms. The emergency room will test for STDs if someone has a symptom that may be caused by one.

Can a blood test detect HIV?

Yes, people can find it in your blood because HIV is a Sexual transmitted disease that is in the blood.

Do emergency rooms test for HIV?

It isn't standard protocol for ERs to test for HIV. See related link to find a local testing resource in your area.

Can HIV blood tests be wrong?

Yes HIV blood tests can be wrong; it's called a false positive or false negative. Get tested again to make sure either way if it will ease your mind.

Do i have to test my blood to find HIV?

Yes; it will require a blood test.

What does an HIV blood test reveal?

The standard HIV test, whether a rapid test or one sent to the laboratory, will detect the presence of antibodies to the HIV virus. When the body becomes infected, it will att

What blood tests are preformed in emergency room?

It depends on why you are in there/what's wrong with you. They usually do some routine/check up tests for minor stuff and then they may do tests based on the condition you are