Does Lauren Conrad have HIV?

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Unfortunately Lauren Conrad is HIV+ in real life.
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Is Actress Lauren Conrad related to actor Robert Conrad?

Answer . Lauren Conrad (LC) was born on February 1, 1986 she is 22 years old. in Newport Beach, California. She has a younger sister, Breanna (she is featured in the third season of Laguna Beach). Her father is an architect. . Her family moved to Laguna Beach, California when she was young and grew up there. . She attended Laguna Beach High School and led an average teenage life. . In 2004, she was one of the featured "players" in the reality series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County . . After High School, she moved to San Francisco and attended the Academy of Art University for one semester and majored in Fashion Design (FIDM). She then moved back to Laguna Beach and attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Irvine, California (once again majoring in fashion design). She moved to Los Angeles, California and and worked as an intern while attending the LA Campus of FIDM. . LC, or Lauren comes back again to TV in 2006 to star in her own reality show, The Hills , which follows her post-high school career while living in Los Angeles. . Real Answer: . No, Lauren is not related to Robert Conrad.

How much money does Lauren Conrad have?

She makes around 1.5 Million a season of the Hills. She also gets paid to show up at events (approx. $100,000 a night). She also banks from endorsing the cosmetic line Mark . More detailed information: TRANSPORTATION LC tooled around Laguna Beach in a Toyota Forerunner in high school, and upgraded to her mom's hand me down BMW 3-series upon making the move up to Hollywood. But now Lauren's got a pair of new wheels of her own: A black Mercedes CLK 350 Convertible, MSRP $54,500. And considering LC's Forerunner was also handed down to her sister Breanna, we're guessing the Conrads like to buy, not lease, their cars. SHELTER LC made the jump from renter to homeowner at the end of season two when she purchased a 3,009 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home with guest house (got to put Audrina somewhere!) in Hollywood for a cool $2.36 million. And the depressed market made it worth her while, the house was originally listed for $2.495 million. Assuming Lauren put 30% down on a 30-year fixed mortgage at 6.34%, she's shelling out an estimated monthly payment of $10,365.83. Hope Audrina and Lo are kicking in some rent! BEAUTY LC was recently spotted devoting two hours at the Warren Tricomi salon in Los Angeles, getting her locks specially sun streaked. Highlights at the exclusive salon start at $221, and cuts start at $136! (And a golden girl can't let those dark roots show, so LC touches up her locks at least every six weeks to maintain the perfectly natural look.) . Day wear Blouse by Tibi: $310 (marked down to $155) at J Brand 12" Jeans - $165 at Los Angeles boutique Ron Herman. Marc Jacobs Collection Quilted Margot Bag - $1,275 at Every Hollywood girl needs at least a couple pairs of shades. LC has been spotted wearing these: Marc Jacobs MJ Gold Aviators - $305 at Bloomingdale's. Chloe Filao Sunglasses - $330 at Rayban Wayfarers - $139.95 at the Sunglass Hut. Dita Supa Dupa Sunglasses - $225 at Dita.. Evening Wear D&G Dolce & Gabbana Mesh Overlay Dress (LC wore this to the New York Dark Knight premiere) - $645 at eLuxury. Catherine Malandrino Watercolor Mini Dress - $347 (on sale from $495) at Neiman Marcus. Christian Louboutin Very Noeud Slingbacks - $795 at It Bag Whether at Whole Foods (WFMI) or a fashion shoot, LC is rarely seen with out her jumbo Chanel 2.55 black quilted purse. For sale at Chanel boutiques - $3,000. SAFETY NET So next time LC and the girls hit the Crown Bar for vodka sodas or The Stork club to gossip over oysters and yellowtail crudo, remember it takes a pretty penny to keep up with Conrad's crew. Luckily, she's reportedly paid about $1.5 million dollars to play herself on television each season, has endorsements with Mark cosmetics and T-mobile, and designs her eponymous fashion line on the side.

Does Lauren conrad smoke?

NOOOOOOOOO! Lauren Conrad is a good girl and would never smoke I

Where can you find The Lauren Conrad Collection?

You can order it on her official site, check out this article for the link: .

What is Lauren conrads email?

hmm..thats a tough one. ummm its either: ive spoken 2 her in that one... lb is 4 laguna beach... add her!. nd thennnn.... i think this is really her bc i did really speak 2 her and its seen on 1 of the episodes when i speak 2 her in teen vogue offices and shes like "oh" and closes it... but ive spoken to her some more. it could also be. which is less likely bc she already had im be4 she hated spencer...and i havent spoken 2 her on this one.... THIS IS SERIOUSLY 4 REAL!

How much does Lauren Conrad make?

It is not known the exact amount of money that Lauren Conrad makes.She is involved in many business ventures including clothingdesigner and author.

Where does Lauren conrad live?

Lauren & Lo moved out of their 2.5 million dollar home. They wanted something more private & secure, & I guess that home wasn't doing it for them. That house was located at 1621 North Orange Gove Ave. Where they currently live is an apartment complex/condo at The Villas Park La Brea. That address is: 555 West 6th St. & finally, the house she lived in with her parents, sister and brother is located at 162 Vista de Sol, Laguna Beach, California. But apparently her parents sold that house for something smaller, because the kids moved out. & actually, they did move out. You can see Lauren packing up her things on an episode of "The Hills" last season, I think it was.

Does Lauren conrad have a tattoo?

Yes, Lauren Conrad does have a tattoo. Originally, it was a "J", which was for her ex-boyfriend Jason Whaler. Lauren announced on Jimmy Kimmel Live that she would be changing her "J" tattoo to an "L" for Lauren. :)

Why do Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag hate each other?

When The Hills was still airing on MTV, it was implied onthe show that Spencer Pratt, Heidi's now-husband, made up a storythat Lauren Conrad had a sex tape with her then-boyfriend, JasonWahler. There was a huge blowup outside of a club, and since thattime, Heidi and Lauren's friendship has never been the same. Inearly 2015 it was reported that Heidi "forgave" Lauren but shedidn't necessarily want to be friends again.

Does Lauren Conrad have a pet?

Yes. She has a dog that her and Lo got at an animal shelter - chloe. she had a cat too, but it ran away

What happened with Lauren conrad dog show?

She didnt know that she was supposed to walk with the dog at the dog show. When she found out she was very suprised and she left! before it was her turn to go on even though it was a fundraiser.

What is lauren conrad net worth?

Lauren Conrad is an California born American actress, fashiondesigner and author who begun her rise to fame in MTV's reality TVshow "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County". Her net worth is $25million.

Does Lauren Conrad have hair extensions?

Yes she does. At the end of Season 3, she had short hair. A few months later when Season 4 started, she had long hair. They didn't film those seasons completely. So as soon as the finished filming Season 3, they started Season 4. & maybe a month or two or three later, they aired it. So I highly doubt her hair grew that much in a few months. & on, you can see footage from a paparazzi of Lauren getting her extensions.

Where does Lauren conrad work?

Lauren Conrad is an American TV personality, fashion designer, andauthor. She is currently self employed as an author and fashiondesigner in Westwood, Los Angeles.

Does Lauren Conrad Want To Have Children?

yes yes No one's sure Biitches. Yes/No that's a Maybe. Anyway even if she does that's non of your concern If she gets pregnant later in her years then that will be the day you get your answer, Mkaii?

What religion is Lauren conrad?

Well, she "claims" to be a Christian, however, in her books, her characters use the phrase "oh my god" every other sentence, and God's name is taken in vain ("GD")several times in her second novel. So, go figure...

Does Lauren conrad wear thongs?

yes, she does. there is a picture or two out there where her thong is showing.

Did Lauren Conrad or Audrina Partridge die?


What did Spencer Pratt do to Lauren Conrad?

Spencer Pratt started rumors about Lauren Conrad claiming her and Jason made a sex tape

Who is Lauren conrads best friend?

Lauren Conrad's best friend is Lauren Bosworth. She is best knownfor starring in the reality show The Hills and Laguna Beach: TheReal Orange County.

How did Lauren Conrad Become famous?

She was the star of the MTV show The Hills and the MTV show that preceded it, Laguna Beach .

Is Lauren conrad a Democrat?

even though some reports said that she is infact a republican,her appearance on Family guy and some lines she said suggest that she is actually a democrat.

Does Lauren conrad have an AIM screen name?

im sure i saw it in the background of one of the episodes, but i doubt anybody other than her real life friends and family has it. just like i saw a facebook page when lo was on her laptop, lol.

Is Lauren conrad anorexia?

Their are no proven statements stating that Lauren Conrad is anorexic. She doesn't look anorexic either, she's skinny yes but that can be achieved with a healthy diet and exercise which her show "the hills" shows she does.

Were does Lauren Conrad live in California?

In a mini- mansion in the flats of the Hollywood hills. Just minutes from Sunset Boulevard and Top Night club, Hyde.

Is Lauren Conrad a Catholic?

Yes. If you look at the premier episode of Laguna Beach, she talks about how long she has known Stephen. One of the pictures is of them on First Communion day.

How much tattoo's does Lauren Conrad have?

When she was dating Jason Wahler from Laguna Beach. She got a lower case handwritten "J" on her right hip. But once they broke up, she turned it into an "L" for her name.

What is Lauren conrads mom and dads names?

The dad's name is Jim Conrad and he is an architect in Laguna Beach, as for the mom, I don't know!

Did Robert Pattinson date Lauren conrad?

No. He is single and says that he plans on staying single because no girl can commit to him.

Where does Lauren Conrad live in Laguna Beach?

She doesn't live there anymore,she lives in Los Angeles.She recently bought a beach house in Laguna Beach for holidays.. She doesn't live there anymore,she lives in Los Angeles.She recently bought a beach house in Laguna Beach for holidays.

What kind of makeup does Lauren conrad wear?

I am an avid hills watcher. I love Lauren conrad, and think she is a great role model. You can learn a lot from and about her in watching the hills. She was a mark spokesperson, so she did wear a lot fo mark. makeup. Normally, however, she wears brands such as Stila, Mac, Smashbox, and Dior. I am guessing she shops at places like sephora for those names... they are a bit spendy, but if you slowly build your makeup collection it is doable! The way I know this is on season 1 and season 2 in several episodes you see inside her makeup bag!!

What are some quotes from Lauren conrad?

I love the one where Heidi tries to apologize to Lauren, even bringing her flowers. And Lauren sits there on her couch and says: "I wanna forgive you. And I wanna forget you."

What is Lauren Conrad Email?

this lo im really mad at Lauren right now soo guess what i am giving all of you her email -it is

Has Lauren conrad dated brody Jenner?

Yes and No. On the show they're never shown being boyfriend and girlfriend but they do go on dates, kiss, and cuddle a lot. Check out season 2 and 3 of The Hills!

Who replaces Lauren conrad in the hills?

No-one, the series has been cancelled. It wouldn't be the same without Lauren.. One of the reasons she left was because she was fighting with Heidi,Audrina,Spencer etc . . . She also wanted to start an acting career.

Who is dating Lauren Conrad?

Lauren currently is in a relationship with actor Kyle Howard, who plays on "My Boys" and was born in 1978.

Why are Lauren conrad and Kristen cavallari enemies?

Kristen had a long term boyfriend, Steven, in high school. Steven would cheat on Kristen with Lauren

Why did Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad break up?

Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad broke up because there relationshipwas fake. In an interview from July 2014 Brody Jenner admitted thatthey were just pretending to date for the show.

Why did Lauren conrad leave the hills?

The reasonwhy Lauren Conrad left the Hills is because she had her own careerincluding her own makeup line, and did not have time for the Hillsanymore.

What is Lauren conrad email contact?

What is Lauren conrad email contact? Celebs don't always keep the same e-mail, b/c when their email is published on the internet, they change it again, and again and so on! :)

Does Lauren Conrad come from a rich family?

Yes, her dad was shown on the first episode of Laguna Beach custom designing the house he built (he's an architect). Her family is already very rich even prior to being featured on the show. If you watch the episode of Cribs where LC shows her house you can definitely see they came from money.

What books has Lauren conrad written?

So far, the books she has written are L.A. Candy and Sweet Little Lies. She is supposed to have a third one coming out soon but i don't know the title of that one

What do you need to look like Lauren Conrad?

You pretty much need everything, shes one of a kind, shes beautiful! I'm not going to lie i wish iIlooked like her!

How did brody meet Lauren conrad?

Heidi Montag hooked up with Spencer Pratt, and they hooked Lauren Conrad and Brody up

What is Lauren conrad cell number?

5309217291:) if her bf answers ask to talk to her.....or just restrict or text:) Lauren might not be able to respond but you can resend your texts

What is the order of the book series LA Candy by Lauren conrad?

the first is: "L.A. Candy" , the second is "sweet little lies" & the last is "sugar and spice". i hope it helped.

Who is Lauren Conrad?

Lauren Conrad first achieved recognition as a reality TV personality on "Laguna Beach: the Real Orange County" and later "The Hills". She later achieved more reputable recognition for her clothing, jewelry and accessories line, and as an author or such books as: "L.A. Candy" and "The Fame Game" trilogies.

Where did Lauren Conrad attend college?

Lauren Conrad attended college in San Francisco at the Academy of Arts, where she met Heidi Montag. Lauren Conrad was studying fashion design when she attended the Academy of Arts in San Francisco.

Lauren Conrad like CEO?

Lauren Conrad was asked an inappropriate question live on air onwhat her favorite position was and she replied CEO.

What movie and television projects has Lauren Conrad been in?

Lauren Conrad has: Played herself in "Today" in 1952. Played herself in "Entertainment Tonight" in 1981. Played herself in "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" in 1988. Played Herself - Guest in "Late Show with David Letterman" in 1993. Performed in "Family Guy" in 1999. Played Lauren Conrad in "Family Guy" in 1999. Played herself in "Fashion News Live" in 2004. Played herself in "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" in 2004. Played herself in "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" in 2005. Played herself in "VH1 Big in 05" in 2005. Played herself in "The Tyra Banks Show" in 2005. Played herself in "Rachael Ray" in 2006. Played Herself - Audience in "MTV Video Music Awards 2006" in 2006. Played herself in "The Hills" in 2006. Played herself in "The Teen Choice Awards 2007" in 2007. Played herself in "MTV VMA Pre Show Royale" in 2007. Played Herself - Guest in "Chelsea Lately" in 2007. Played herself in "MTV Video Music Awards 2007" in 2007. Played herself in "Epic Movie" in 2007. Played Herself - Host in "Legally Blonde: The Musical" in 2007. Played herself in "Greek" in 2007. Played herself in "The City" in 2008. Played herself in "Privileged" in 2008. Played Herself - Presenter in "MTV Video Music Awards 2008" in 2008. Played herself in "Live from the Red Carpet: The 2008 Emmy Awards" in 2008. Played herself in "Bromance" in 2008. Played Herself - Presenter: Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series in "The 60th Primetime Emmy Awards" in 2008. Played herself in "The Bonnie Hunt Show" in 2008. Played herself in "The Wendy Williams Show" in 2008. Played Herself - Guest in "The Wendy Williams Show" in 2008. Played herself in "The Jay Leno Show" in 2009. Played herself in "MTV Video Music Awards 2009" in 2009. Played herself in "VH1 Divas Live 2009" in 2009. Played herself in "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" in 2009. Played Guest Appearance in "Osbournes Reloaded" in 2009. Played herself in "2009 MTV Movie Awards" in 2009. Played herself in "The Talk" in 2010. Played herself in "The Hills Live: A Hollywood Ending" in 2010. Played Herself - Guest in "Larry King Now" in 2012. Played herself in "Katie" in 2012. Played herself in "The Bling Ring" in 2013. Played herself in "2013 Young Hollywood Awards" in 2013.