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Does Justin bieber hate blondes?

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Does Justin Bieber like blondes?

He Likes brunettes Or girls with black hair. he says blondes arnt his thing. Why don't you ask him? Maybe he does. Maybe he like brunette's. Why do you care? Unless you live

Does Justin Bieber like blonds?

Nobody cares what he likes.Don't waste your time with him, he is honestly nobody. No one is a mind reader, And i doubt Justin beiber would answer this question. Maybe he doe

Does Justin Bieber love blonde?

he like all color hair and he dosent care about the looks at all only if your look like thisso look good for him.Oh dont freak out if you see him

Does Justin Bieber want a blonde?

Hey, Its Justin.    I don't have a specific type of hair color or color of eyes on a girl.   I like girls who are friendly, and have a good taste in music.

Is Justin Bieber blond?

NO! His hair is light brown. The darkest shade of blonde there is is about the color of a lion's mane.

What shoes does Justin Bieber hate?

i know him trust me good friends he hates uggs this is how i know jb took me to the mall in Omaha of coures he was gonna buy me some shoes i wanted some shoes that kindda look