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Does Fossill make Michael Kors watches?

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Yes, Fossil make them. Note that Fossil has one 'l' and not two. They're pretty nice watches!
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Is Michael kors watch real gold?

Not solid gold, it is actually very thinly coated with actual gold.  Even though it is not real gold, it does not fade and lasts an  extremely long time.

What is the price range for Michael Kors watches?

Micheal Kore watches can range from anywhere from 124 dollars all ther way to 250 dollars. It just depends on the quality, where you go, the condtion, how much gold or silver

What retailers sell Michael Kors watches?

Depending on where you live, Harrods sells Michael Kors watches. This is a popular and mid-level brand that should be available at most of the large departments stores. In Can

Does Macy's sell Michael Kors watches?

Macy's Department store sells michael Kors watches for as low as 200 dollars. These watches are of the highest quality, very durable and a definite eye-catcher.

Where are Michael kors watches made?

Michael Kors watches are made by Fossil. Fossil has manufacturing  facilities in China and Switzerland.   The licensed watch lines that Fossil designs, manufactures, and

Where do you get extra links for Michael kors watch?

I need extra links for my Michael Kore's watch I bought it at Macys Arbor Place and they do not have any.Everybody I talk to says you can get them from Michael Kore's but I ca

How do you remove links from a michael kors watch?

If you want to remove a link from a Michael Kors watch on your own  what you will need to do is flip it onto it's side. There you will  notice that the links are held in pla

How much do Michael Kors watches cost?

Michael Kors watches vary in prices depending on the quality of watch and what type you purchase. On the website they range from the least expensive being $165.00 to the most