Does EZ tax returns do business tax returns?

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In addition to their other services EZ tax does do business tax returns, although additional charges may be applied depending on the location and size of business.
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Why are there taxes being taken out of your tax return?

This question is fairly ambiguous, not only because of the vague nature of the question, but also due to the complex nature of the answer. First off, the simple answer is t

How to get a copy of someone's business tax return?

Other than them providing it to you, you can't.. Tax filings are completely confidential, cannot even be disclosed - or even acknolwged they exist - to most courts and in fac

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If you have small business expenses but no income will you get a tax return?

You can get a tax refund (I think that's what you meant) if youpaid more taxes in than you owed. So, if you had no income, youwould owe no taxes and should get anything back y

What is the penalty for filing a late business tax return?

A self employed individual taxpayer filing the schedule C of the 1040 tax form along with the other related schedules. If you owe taxes and didn't file your tax return or requ

Can you file F.I.C.A taxes on your tax return?

For the individual taxpayer that is filing the 1040 federal income tax return does NOT get a deduction for the FICA (social security and medicare taxes) that are withheld from

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How do you get a tax return?

A tax return is the form you submit to the government by April 15th. You can fill one out online through a tax service. A tax REFUND is what you get when you paid too much inc