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Christian is the name given to the folowers of Christ in the ancient city of antioque.
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Was Gandhi a terrorist to say that he likes Christ but he does not like his Christians They are unlike their Christ?

Answer No. Gandhi was not a terrorist. The reason why he liked Christ isbecause Jesus is loving and wants us to love and "be at peace withall people whenever possible". Gandh

Why did Gandhi say he likes Christ but he does not like Christians because they are unlike their Christ?

Answer 6 June 2009 Gandhi actually said " I admire Christ, but not Christians "; Gandhi liked/loved all people. It is impossible to say, for certain, why Gandhi made this com

Should born again Christians have a personality like Jesus Christ?

If the born again christian shouldn't look like Jesus in personality, nobody here on earth expects to be holy or godly. All Jesus tried to show us was we should believe him si

What does it Christianity of Christ mean?

Well, Christianity can be broken up into three parts. Christ-ian-ity Christ is a Greek word for "savior." "ian" is a stem that means "like." So Christian means savio

What does it mean for Christians today to believe that Jesus was the Christ?

They can obtain resurrection . They can obtain eternal life and happiness . They can do this only through belief and obedience to the doctrine of Christ . That the atonem

What is the origin and meaning of the words Christ Christian and Christianity?

All three words come from the Greek word Christos , which means "annointed one." "Annointed one" is understood to mean "Messiah," the savior. Christ refers to Jesus of Nazare

What does it mean to be God like and Christ like?

its not just about obeying the bible and having good morals. its about being able to say jesus if you would like to take me home then do it. i trust that you will take care of

Why do they always give a Catholic view to Christian questions Christian means Christ like not Catholic?

. Catholic Answer Catholic means Christian, Our Blessed Lord established the Catholic Church two thousand years ago, if you are asking why you ask a Christian question and