Does 613 round up or down?

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As it ends with a 3, if rounding to the nearest 10, it will round down to 610. If you are rounding to the nearest hundred, then the 1 in the tens position will make it round down to 600. If rounding to the nearest 1000, it would round up to 1000, as there is a 6 in the hundreds position. So it depends on what you are rounding to.
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Do you round 5 up or down?

Personally, I have always been taught to round up. (ex. if an answer is 0.5, I usually round it to 1.)

Does 0.5 round up or down?

Answer : Round up or down so that the new last digit is even. Rationale : Some people advise you to round up 0.5 others say round down. The problem with that approach is

Do you round 1258 up or down?

Depends what you're rounding it to. If it's the nearest tenth, you round up to 1260 if it's the nearest hundreth, you round up to 1300 If its the nearest thousanth, you round

Do you round up or down when handicapping?

Neither. A golfer applies his or her exact handicap index to a formula which determines their course handicap for the specific course and set of tees that they're playing. The

Do you round up or down for 75?

A rule that I learned was "5 or above give it a shove. 4 or below kick it to zero" so what I'm saying is that 75 would round to 80

Do you round up or down?

When rounding to a specific place, take a look at the digitimmediately to the right of the target, in this case, the tensplace. If that digit is 4 or less, zero everything to