Do you still have Social Security deducted from your check if working and collecting Social Security?

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Yes. If you work after retirement, you will still have contributions to Social Security and Medicare (FICA) withheld from your paycheck at the same rate as before retirement.
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Can a wife collect Social Security at 62 years old if her husband is still working?

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Can you collect Social Security at age 62 if you are still working?

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How much does medicare deduct from my social security check?

For most beneficiaries, Medicare Part B for 2010 is $96.40/month (same as 2009).If you are enrolled in Medicare Part B, your premium is automatically deducted from your social

Can you collect social security disability and a regular social security check?

No you cannot. You either receive one or the other. If you are eligible for SSD prior to turning age 60 and remain on SSD for 2 years or more you basically would receive in di