Do you need to shave babys first hair?

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There's a myth that says if you shave your child's first hair then its hair will grow to be more thicker and shinier.
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Does facial hair grow faster after you shave it for the first time?

No, here is why Hair grows in cycles that change with age . Hair grows from the corners of the upper lip, and then forms a complete moustache. Hair then develops on the

Do you need to shave chest hairs for ecocardiogram?

For most men, this is not necessary at all. The sensors they put on your chest and stomach can deal with a fair amount of body hair. If you are very, very hairy (and some men

Do you need to shave your pubic hair?

Not at all. Millions of people don't and we have lived for thousands of years without doing do. 40 years ago no one shaved. 40 years ago people dont shave their underarm, but

What is babys first hair called?

Baby's first hair is called Lanugo. This will fall in the first 6 month and another hair will grow in the same time.
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What are some tips and tricks you need to know before shaving your facial hair for the first time with a disposable razor?

It's not very hard. Shaving with the hair will cause less irritation. Shaving against the grain will give a closer shave. Everybody figures out the pattern that works for him.