Do you have to pay workers compensation back from a personal injury settlement?

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If an amount of back child support is owed and the person owing gets a workman's compensation settlement can they be required to pay the back child support with that money?

Yes Simple answer is yes. Any money or assets owned by that person, even joint bank accounts, can be attached or have lien placed against it and this does include workers com

Whats the typical amount of compensation for a back injury and the construction worker can no longer work?

The amount of compensation received depends upon how serious your injuries are and what other losses you have incurred, including: . Loss of earnings, including overtime and

What is the average workers compensation settlement for back surgery?

what is the average workers compensation settlement for a person who suffers from spinal stenosis what is the average workers compensation settlement for a person who suffer

Do you have to pay taxes on a settlement from a personal injury lawsuit?

It depends on what the payments are really for.Damages received for personal physical injury or physical sickness are generally NOT taxable. If it is to replace something you

What is the workers compensation settlement for eye?

In the UK - to decide the amount of compensation you should receive from a workplace accident depends on two main factors. First, is your employer liable for your injury? If t

Do you have to pay taxes on a personal injury settlement from a auto accident?

Generally speaking you do not have to pay taxes on personal injury settlements. However, in certain situations where (1) all or part of the proceeds of the settlement is treat

What is the average back injury workers comp settlement amount?

Backache and back injuries are the most common reason for missingwork, these problems can occur due to work but can also happenoutside the workplace. If your injury occurs at

Do you have to pay taxes on workers compensation settlements?

Amounts received as workers' compensation for an occupational sickness or injury are exempt from tax if paid under a workers' compensation act or a statute like one.act. The e

What is a Workers Compensation Settlement?

A Worker's Compensation Settlement is a settlement between the worker and a corporation that employed/employs them for injuries or other losses inflicted upon the worker by th