Do you have to file form 1040 for deceased father?

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If your father earned enough income during the part of the last year that he was alive to require a return to be filed, the executor of the estate or the person in charge of his property must file a tax return for the final year.

And, of course, if he had any taxes withheld from any kind of payment (wages, Social Security, pensions, etc), then a return should be filed to claim a refund.

It is considered a good idea to file a return for the final year even if not required if the deceased had any income at all. This starts the statute of limitations running so that the affairs of the deceased can be wrapped up and the survivors won't have a possibility of an audit hanging over their heads for very long.
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What is IRS form 1040 used for?

Answer . Perhaps the most well known IRS form in existence - it is the one used for individuals to report/file their federal income taxes annually. It has a few versions

What form to file on death of parents before end of tax year 1040 or 1041?

That depends on the type of income involved. If the return is for income the person earned during the year in which he/she died then a standard 1040 is filed by the executor.

What is the last date to file Form 1040 for 2008 income?

April 15, 2009 is the deadline for timely filing your 2008 return. Form 1040 is U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. For filers whose tax year ends on December 31, your Form 10

Can you file a tax form for your deceased father?

If you are the personal representative of the taxpayer's estate (e.g., the administrator, executor, executrix) or the person in charge of the taxpayer property, you will need

Under what circumstances would you file the long form 1040 tax return?

You're required to file the long form if: . You want to itemize deductions . You have self-employment income . You make more than $100,000 per year . You are required to

Where can you find 1040 tax forms?

You can go to your local tax preparer. Can get from the IRS website.If you want to do this yourself online without forms to to one of the tax sites, find the form & print it o

Do you need to file a federal tax form 1040?

If you made money or expect a refund from the US Govt. you must file a 1040 form with the IRS. There are more than one type of 1040 forms, so you must choose the one that appl
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Form 1040 is what type of form?

Form 1040 is a an annual tax form for the residents of the United States. It is also referred to as the "long form". Other 1040 forms available are 1040A (the short form) and

Must the self employed file tax form 1040?

In general yes if your business is a proprietorship. You will also have to file the 1040-se self employment tax and the 1040-c profit or loss from a proprietorship as part of

When filing the state income tax form which form do you file is it the 1040 a or 1040 schedule a or both?

You file whatever the state tax instructions tell you to file,which may be neither of those things. ("Both" is clearly wrong, forreasons that will be explained later.) The IR