Do you have to be 18 to play IMVU?

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no and yes u can be 13 to play

How can you play imvu?

You don't play Imvu. It's not a game. You go on and create an account then download the client to go and talk to people.

How do you play imvu?

Imvu is not a game, it is a site to chat with other people around the world. you can start a Flame with some one, you can Role Play, you can be apart of a family. Some people

How old do you have to be to play imvu?

The age limit is set at 13 and up due to adult themes.

How do you play on imvu?

you create an account (you have to be over 16) then just play you can also put you are age as over 16 even if u are under the age limit

Is imvu to play and can kids play it?

It is to play but kids under 18 are not supposed to be playing it. I think its a pretty grown up game to me.hi I'm yorgart if you're wondering it's a lovely game :) and you'll

Can kids play imvu?

They can but they shouldn't because it has inappropriate things on them and you never know who you are talking to on the other side and hat leads to people getting hurt especi

Can you play imvu with no download needed?

No, you cannot. You have to download it, but IMVU has improved it's problems during the past years. So no need to worry. PS.: It crashes sometimes but, it doesn't affect your

Is imvu wrong to play?

Imvu is more like a dating, social game. Whether it is right for you to play depends on how old you are. The game says 16 and up.

Is IMVU okay to play?

Yes, it is. You can meet people from around the world, make friends, and create you own style. There can be glitches and it is possible that it can crash. My friend had IMVu a