Do veterans have to pay taxes?

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Yes everybody must pay taxes.
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Do you have to pay taxes?

You don't have to pay taxes if you don't want to, but you may be subject to fines and punishments depending on where you live.

What taxes do you pay?

Un-answerable. (first by "you" I suspect you mean "everyone"). All taxes are paid by someone, or something (a company for example). But not everyone pays all taxes, cert

Can a veteran pay into the gi bill?

Your GI bill is paid each month for the first year you're in service. If you haven't done this (i.e., you declined the GI Bill when you were in-processing at the AG Battalion

Will veteran affairs pay for cremation of a veteran?

No, not that I have ever heard of. The only way a veteran's burial is paid for in full is if they were killed in the line of service. They will provide a basic military headst

Does veterans administration pay for sutent?

Sutent is prescribed by my dad's oncologist at his medical center (not a VA hospital). It is the only drug the FDA recommends for advanced rental cell cancer. Dad gets his oth

Do veterans pay property taxes?

In most states in the United States veterans are required to pay property taxes, unless they qualify as a permanently disabled veteran. Some stated allow for the late payment

How do I pay taxes?

Paying taxes is a fairly simple process through the IRS taxwebsite. Simply access the site, create an account, and you shouldbe able to access what you owe or fill out your ta