Do termites bite humans?

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The termites than fly around looking to start new colonies do not. The soldier termites and the worker termites can bite, but do so only in defense, and they have no venom. It's unless you'll get bite unless you are disturbing a colony with your bare hands.
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Why termites can digest cellulose but human cannot?

To digest cellulose, organisms must produce the enzyme cellulase . Humans and termites are unable to produce cellulase themselves but termites have living in their gut simpl

Are carpenter ants or termites dangerous to humans?

No, carpenter ants live in already decayed and damp wood. Termites actually eat wood. Neither is a danger to humans unless termites cause your house to fall down while you are

Do termites bite?

Termites do not bite. Not other humans and animals, at least. They eat wood, but to eat wood, they must "bite" the wood to take it apart. So technically, yes, they bite, but n

Can termites bite humans?

Termites absolutely have members in the colony who can bite, not only that they seem to use some kind of chemical weapon. I discovered this after leaving a pile of timber unde