Do reality shows play a role in causing a person to be narcissistic?

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This is a personal quote from me and only my opinion. I caught a glimpse of some reality shows (the shows of the future) and it seems we are going backwards in intelligence instead of forward. To put down, or make people fight or squabble or "stay alive" is setting the dogs loose on an already paranoid, criminal loaded society.
Yes, I do believe this can cause some people to act differently. It depends on how well adjusted the individual is watching the show. You can't blame heavy mental bands or movies or TV shows for abnormal behavior. We all have one control ... shut off the TV!
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What causes a narcissistic person to kill?

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How does sadism play a role in the life of a narcissist who is not getting his way?

Answer . \nWell sadism is the sexual enjoyment of the pain of others. A narcissist can best be described as a person who doesn't fully see other people as being as "real"

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Child abuse creates false self Narcissistic personality disorder is caused by either a direct or indirect form of child abuse. The child's "real self" is not accepted by the

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What causes a narcissistic person to become narcissistic?

it is something wrong with their body when they are born.. I cant really answer that question but I am going to put in just some insights into how I look at that question and

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Can a person who does not show emotions survive a narcissist from what i gather is that anyone and everyone can be a victim of the narcissist?

There are no victims, only volunteers! We teach people how to treat us. ALWAYS listen to your "internal guidance system," your God consciousness. How do you feel around this p

What causes narcissistic personality disorter?

This and other personality disorders are now thought to be a product of attachment issues as children. Typically, what happens with personality disorders is that there is a "c

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Does a narcissistic person believe that they are narcissistic?

Generally no. Because their main focus is themselves, often narcissistic people won't think about how other people view them. Having this basic operation of putting ourself in

Can you ever show a narcissist that they are a narcissist?

Generally, that won't work due to the very nature of the personality disorder. Narcissists are not open to criticism, even constructive criticism. Individuals with narcissi