Do ovaries produce eggs?

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Ovaries don't actually produce eggs, the female is born with them.
She is born with around 2million but by the age of puberty they are reduced to around 400, 000. The ovaries simply carry the eggs and produce estrogen.

Though the above is a commonly held belief since the 1950's, it is a unproven one, and is widely contested in the medical community. In 2004, Jonathan Tilly, a reproductive biologist at Harvard Medical School, published a study that reported Tilly and colleagues' discovery of germ line stem cells, which form new sex cells (eggs, sperm, etc.), in the ovaries of mice. Scientists at the Jiao Tong University in China tested the findings, by implanting germ line stem cells from healthy and reproductively whole mice into mice whose eggs had been chemically destroyed as part of the experiment. New eggs did, in fact, form in the mice that received the implants, lending even more credibility to the commonsense theory shared by many members of the contemporary medical community that all mammals can, and do, produce new eggs during adulthood.

It has been often suggested by doctors and scientists and laypeople alike that the unestablished argument that a female is born with the only eggs she'll ever have, that "age" as she does, (thus exponentially increasing her odds of experiencing difficulty with conception and/or problematic pregnancies after a certain age), is one made by the almost all-male scientific community in the mid-20th century to continue to frighten women into marrying and having children at a young age, forgoing focus on things such as higher education and career. In many magazines and health informational websites, the commonly noted age-frame at which these difficulties supposedly surface has become, interestingly, notably higher than in the past as more and more women in the United States are having healthy babies and problem-free pregnancies well past their 20s and 30s.
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