Do most people ride in back seat with no seat belt?

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yes theiris no reason to wear a seat belt if your i n the back
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Do back seat passengers need to wear a seat belt?

People need to wear seat belts in the back because they could be thrown out the window if in a car accident Added: In most US states there is no statutory requirement that

Do you have to wear your seat belt in the back seat?

It is a legal requirement in most (if not all) countries that a person seated in the back-seat of a car or other vehicle wears a seatbelt at all times. This is to insure maxim

Why do people wear seat belts?

Because in the event of a accident, and at high enough speeds, you can be thrown from your seat and out the vehicles windshield, but a seatbelt will restrain you and keep you

Why should people not wear seat belts while riding a car?

Because there are too many people in the world, and killing off those too dumb to wear a seat belt would help with that problem and raise average human intelligence a tiny f