Do magnets effect touch screens phones?

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Yes but, only if the magnet is within 4 inches of the phone.
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What was the first touch screen phone?

hmmm. the earliest ones I can recall immediately were actually the original iPAQ's which had a GSM sleeve with which you could make phone calls and you dialled the number on s

Who invented the touch screen phone?

An iraqian guy called ahmed mohammed al nuami who first got the idea but it was another person who invented it. this is why they say Iraqi people are smart

When were touch screen phones invented?

I have a at&t touch screen android phone from somebody and I've never seen no life to it I have plugged it in but still nothing what could be wrong?

How do touch screen phones work?

To allow people to use touch commands that require multiple fingers, the iPhone uses a new arrangement of existing technology. Its touch-sensitive screen includes a layer of c

What cheap touch screen phone is there?

There are a few on the market at the moment, including the LG cookie, on sale at £30-£35; it really depends on your phone company. On contract, probably about £5 a mo

Can touch screen phones wear out?

No (I'm pretty sure), but if you have dropped your phone numerous times, it may be broken. Take it to the store where you bought it (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) and ask just to make