Do immunization shots cause autism?

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No, vaccines do not and can not cause autism.

Autism is a neurological difference - we are born Autistic and whether we're Autistic or not depends on our genetics and we become Autistic as our brains develop within the womb. Vaccinations cannot time-travel to change our parents genes or change how our bring develops within the womb. The idea of vaccines causing autism has long been debunked, unfortunately ableist anti-vaxxers keep the myth alive because they refuse to listen to common sense or scientific facts.
No they certainly do not. They didn't while they contained mercury, and they still don't cause it without mercury. Many studies confirm these facts.

Most importantly, the original paper purporting the link was shown to be a scientific fraud, with the author (Dr. Andrew Wakefield) having been shown to have a financial interest in making such a claim, and the data that the paper used was both incorrectly chosen (i.e. he cherry-picked or ignored data, to suit his needs) and, in some cases, fabricated.
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