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Do honey badgers eat honey bees?

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No, but they eat honey!
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What do honey badgers eat?

They are well known for their abilities to kill snakes by grabbing it behind the head with it's jaws and kill it. Honey badgers can devour a snake in 15 minutes.    

Why do honey badgers eat honey?

Honey is the honey badger's favorite treat, although they do not rely on honey, but the nutritious bee hive is a sought after delicacy. The honey guide bird, has a habit of le

What eats a honey badger?

HARDLY ANYTHING. They are ferocious and fearless - even big cats usually avoid tackling them. Until we invented firearms our ancestors could only kill them by whacking them re

Do honey badgers eat snakes?

Yes. Being one of the fiercest hunters in the desert it will often consume many animals including snakes. It can eat a snake in under 15 minutes. If bitter it will lay paralyz

How do honey badgers eat honey?

Honey badgers eat honey very slowly by using their tongue to clean all the honey out of the hive. Bees will atack them but the honey badger is immune to their stings.