Do have schoo tomorrow?

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no we don't have school
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When is tomorrow?

When something happens the next day. Tomorrow is the day that never comes. As you get close to the very end of today and tomorrow is a gnats wisker away, it jumps forward so

What is tomorrow?

Another day... the day after today.

What schooing you need for zoology?

a college degreeBachelor of science--biological technitiongraduate-- some teacher jobs or research assistantDoctor--reasearcher professor

What can you do tomorrow?

You can read a good book, go for a walk, meet friends, watch a movie, play board games with friends or family, play games (on PC, Xbox, PS, PS2, PS3 etc.). More analysed:

How does uniforms help schoo?

I dont think uniforms help schools, i think children should beable to wear what they want, just like in france, their is nothing wrong with their school is there...

Why are you not alloud to curse in schoo l?

Because if you curse you could get in very much truble. The kind of trubble that you boss will susppend you from school and get put in jail if you use them towerds a cop ....