Do genetically modified foods effect humans?

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Yes, they do. The trouble is, no one knows how much, how fast, or how bad the effects are exactly, and the people pushing for more use of such foods are aggressively opposed to doing any research that might show any negative results because they would lose money.
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What are the effects of genetically modified crops?

They can be herbicide resistant have a longer shelf life but some ethical concerns are nobody really knows the long-term effects and is it right to interfere with nature in th

What side effects come from eating genetically modified food?

This is an area that has not been studied enough to provide an easy-to-understand answer or even something that could be encapuslated into a few sentences. No peer-reviewed pu

Who does genetically modified food effect?

Genetically modified food, sometimes called Round-Up Ready, has been genetically modified to accept certain pesticides better (Monsanto's Round Up, for example). It is not of

Long term effects of Genetically modified food on human?

Long term effects of GMO food on humans is not known. There is some anecdotal evidence that it may have adverse health effects on humans. That evidence includes patients of do

What are bad effects of genetically modified foods?

There are no known bad effects to growing genetically modified foods to date according to scientific studies, though there are those who believe anecdotal evidence suggests th

Why do they make genetically modified foods?

Production costs are reduced with GM-crops due factors such as preservation of crops from insects and other pests, shorter growth periods, larger yields per acre and decreased

What effect does genetically modified food have on your genes?

Some argue that genetically modified food has no effects on humanor animal genes. They also argue that GMO foods are the same as anyother foods and have no negative health eff