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Do disabled veterans pay auto sales taxes?

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Do I have to pay sales tax if I take over auto loan payments of another?

Answer   Presuming you mean your buying the car by assuming the loan of another:   The purchase is taxable. It doesn't matter if you pay cash or finance it by get

What is the auto sales tax in Georgia?

Effective March 1, 2013, Georgia Sales Tax will no longer be charged on vehicle purchases. It has been replaced by the Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) which is 6.5% for 2013, 6.7

Do you have to pay sales tax on sales tax?

Normally, you only pay sales tax on the retail price of an item as calculated after most discounts (but not all) have been applied. In many states, this is calculated before s

How does disabled veteran pay child support?

You can get an apportionment form and I would suggest doing so  until you go to court. However, US Supreme Court Law has ruled that  the disability benefits received by a ve

Do you have to pay Sales Tax on auto purchased from your sister?

You don't have to pay the sales tax to her say if she sells it to you for a flat rate of $700. However when you go to switch the title over at the DMV, they will ask you for h

What is sales tax on auto?

Whatever percent of a dollar the sales tax for your state is, multiply that by the sale price for the amount of sales tax owed. example: sales tax = 5 cents on the dollar or

Do veterans pay property taxes?

In most states in the United States veterans are required to pay property taxes, unless they qualify as a permanently disabled veteran. Some stated allow for the late payment