Do You like Barney barney is cool barney is purple hes a big dino?

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Barney is an educational program in the US for children. He teaches manners and morals without reference to religion. There are people who intensly dislike the program and it's inane host. But it does reach children who would otherwise lack social skills.
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Who is the actor Barney the purple dinosaur?

Carey Stinson is currently in the suit and Dean Wendt does his voice. This is for the television show and videos related to it, but Dean does Barney's voice no matter what.

Who is barney?

Barney is a fictional dinosaur for toddlers. The show "Barney" is the show for toddlers to watch and maybe learn basics for preschool.\n. \n If you have any more to add to th

Who likes Barney?

Little kids like barney. I am not a little kid, but i still like barney. Very Little kids, it's basically like a fable but it's a dinosaur and that's why kids understand him

Who made Barney the dino?

The kids television show "Barney and friends" was created by Sheryl Leach of Dalles, Texas, in 1987.

How can you be on Barney?

You need to be a child actor or A teacher or other adult who can guest star on the show.

What is have a barney?

To have a barney means to have a row or get into a fight. It is the shortened form of Barney Rubble (Cockney rhyming slang for trouble)