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The Angel Experiment [BOOK 1]: pg 373 Max gives Fang a quick kiss because he is badly hurt

Schools Out--Forever [BOOK 2]: pg 90 Fang kisses Max on the forehead. He does this after telling Max to stop freaking out because she had seen herself as an Eraser in the mirror. They also both kiss different people. (Max-Sam, Fang-Lissa)

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports [BOOK 3]: pg 53 Fang kisses her. He wants her to change her mind about the mission to save the world and be safe with him and the flock. She doesnt know if she can change her mind though. He leans down and says, 'I'll help you change it then," and kisses her. He tries to kiss her again, but she runs away.

The Final Warning [BOOK 4]: pg 49 When Fang invites her for a 'little spin' outside they go to a nearby dock. Fang tries to tell her that they like each other. Max, of course, is stubborn. Fnag says, "Youre....Such a pain." And then he kisses her. When he tries to kiss her again, she runs away again.

MAX [BOOK 5]: pg 85 When max and fang are talking about Nudge wanting to leave the flock so she could join school and be normal, Fang tells Max, "You have to want to be with someone, or it doesn't work out. you have to choose." then he gets closer and tells her, "I choose you, Max" then they make out "fiercely" pg 168 When they go on a date Max tells him she doesn't want to go back she wants to stay with him then they kiss but they are soon interrupted by bunch of robots. pg 285 When Max is about to go out and look for Angel she thinks she might die, so everyone tries to stop her except for Fang. He tells her to be careful and that he's got her back. Then she realizes that he is amazingly perfect for her and that she loves him terribly so she kisses him right in front of everyone. pg 309 At the end they both set up flying. Fang tells her that this is all about them right now and not to worry. Then he kisses her, and when they look down they see Angel giving them thumbs up. She approves of their relationship.

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What page do Max and Fang kiss?

The Angel Experiment [BOOK 1]: pg 373 Max gives Fang a quick kiss because he is badly hurt Schools Out--Forever [BOOK 2]: pg 90 Fang kisses Max on the forehead. He does this

When do max and fang kiss on the beach?

max and fang dont technichally kiss on a beach. the kiss on a dock, inThe Final Warning.   TECHNICALLY they do because she kisses him, if you even read any of the books you

On what pages do Max and Fang kiss?

The Angel Experiment- Page 373 School's out Forever- Page 90 Saving The World and Other Extreme Sports- Page 53 The Final Warning- Page 49 Max- Pages 85, 168, 285, and 309 Fan

Has Max ever kissed Fang instead of him kissing her?

Excuse me! That is SO inappropriate   You mind YOUR OWN business!   I would sue you if I could!   Fang and Max! WATCH OUT!   Yes. Max kisses Fang on the beach afte

When do fang and max kiss?

they kiss in the first book the angel experiment if u've read the book fang yet they make out like 3 times welcome 4 the information peace out pixiegyrl 25

Will Max and Fang ever get married?

It must be remembered at this point in time, Fang and Max are both only fourteen. However, they are soulmates, so perhaps in the future when the world is saved!

Do fang and max kiss in book 6?

OH yeah. They kissed MANY times. seriously. when they were eating dinner in africa, max wanted to sneak off with fang. again. then angel told EVERYBODY that Fang was going to
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What chapter do Fang and Max kiss?

Chapter 12&8 Improvement: Hate to burst your bubble, but, to be honest, it really depends what book your reading. If you still wanna know, post on my board and give a specif