Disadvantage and benefit of compensation plan?

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The disadvantage of a compensation would be not receiving any kind or amount of compensation and you would not have anything in your hand.
The benefit would be in receiving an amount of compensation for any reason or purpose and having some usable amount in your hand that you can use for all of the necessary living expenses and any thing else that you would to choose to use the compensation plan amount for.
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What are fringe benefits perks and compensation?

ANSWER Fringe benefits are a part of compensation. Compensation, typically refers to your total employment benefits package, which would also include your base pay/salary.

Does compensation includes benefits?

In Georgia, Workers' Compensation benefits on an accepted claim cover INCOME and MEDICAL benefits. Those are covered by the WC insurance company. The availablity of other empl

Can worker's compensation benefits be garnished?

The garnishment of WC benefits can be garnished by creditor judgment in some U.S. states. It can be garnished for child support obligations and tax arrearages in all U.S. stat

What are the differences between benefits and compensation?

In general, "Compensation" is the monetary exchange you receive forthe work you do, or services rendered, while "Benefits" arenon-financial forms of payment you receive for th