Did Will Smith retire?

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No I don't think so because after MIB 3 he will be making few films like After Earth,Winter's Tale,Hancock 2,Bad Boys 3 and I,Robot 3.

What is retirals?

Retirals means the benefits payable at the time of Retirement

What year did Emmitt Smith retire?

He retired in 2004. He signed a 1 day no money contract with the Dallas Cowboys so he could retire with the only team in NFL that believed in him. Here is another fact about E

How can you retire?

Take off your old tire and put on a new one!

Did emmit smith retire as a cowboy?

Though he played his first 13 seasons with the Cowboys, Emmitt's final two years were actually spent with the Arizona Cardinals, with whom he almost totaled 1,200 rushing yard

When did Emmitt Smith retire?

On February 3, 2005 , Emmitt Smith signed a one day contract with Dallas and retired as a Cowboy.

Did Emmett Smith retire from the Dallas Cowboys?

Yes. February 3rd 2005 he retired from the Arizona Cardinals & then signed a one day contract with Dallas (for no money) and then immediately retired as a member of the Cowboy

Do you have to retire?

You do not have to retire unless a certain retirement age is part of your job requirements, such as with law enforcement, or unless you can no longer perform your responsibili