Did the rich people of America have to pay taxes for the Stamp Act?

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Yes. Indeed, since they made more use of paper (news papers, legal papers of all kinds, etc.) they bore by far the greatest share of the tax. Michael Montagne
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What did the stamp act of 1765 tax?

tea 2nd Answer: The Stamp Act required the American colonists to have a British "stamp" (a symbol, not a postage stamp) on official paper and a large amount of private p

Did the stamp act tax stamps?

no the stamp act did not put a tax on stamps. it put a tax on written documents such as news paper's, books, and even the declaration of Independence.

How much tax do the rich pay?

That is the age old question. The problem with the question, before you even get near an answer, is whose definition of 'the rich' shall we use to answer. I have a friend whos