Did rory gallagher have a girlfriend?

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He had a long-term girlfriend - an American. where did you find this?nowhere mention something about a long term girlfriend...gerry mcavoy had a long term american girlfriend...rory never had a long term relationship...i checked everything about that...rory,his brother and gerry,lou,ted used to say that rory hadn't time for women...so where did you find this..?i really wanna know

At forty-four, Gallagher is not a man without regrets. "I've toured more than any other artist in Europe. I've toured too much for my own good. It hasn't left time for very much else, unfortunately. You don't develop any family life or anything like that and it makes all your relationships very difficult. There's always a certain percentage missing from your life. As a human being, you only have so much to give, not just in terms of your physical body but in how you deal with people."
According to him...I think he knows more than us :)

and something else...take a look to riding shotgun(gerry mcavoy),to gallagher,marriott,derringer and trower-their lifes and music,take also a look to several forums and wedsites.....

Just to add my 2 cents, I don't know if Rory had a longtime relationship with anything except for music and Bushmills. I do know that when his band toured the States, and he was in California, there was one woman I knew who would pack her bags and stay with him when he was out here. So he did have time for women, although probably not a whole lot, and on his terms.
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Did Rory Gallagher smoke?

yes, Rory did smoke. Can't find the clip but on the Irish Tour DVD there is a scene where he is leaning next to a pond/river and having a smoke.

Was Rory Gallagher gay?

No, he wasn't. He had a long-term girlfriend - an American. His reason for not marrying was that he felt any sort of family life would be incompatible with a life touring th

What is the best Rory Gallagher album?

Irish Tour. Just get it and listen; here's justification for that advice: most fans agree that he was at his best performing live, and this 1974 recording is regarded as his b
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What was Rory Gallagher most known for?

Irish born musician, Rory Gallagher was a famous blues-rock songwriter and bandleader. His albums sold over 30 million copies world wide. Unfortunately he died at age 47 of co