Did baby Lisa die?

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baby Lisa from Dog? Yes, i think she died on Dog and Beth's Wedding day in a car crash

((if your talking about something else idk and im sorry lol))
NO! Baby Lisa is NOT dead. It was her sister Barbara Jean that died in a car crash on Beth & Dog's wedding day.

Of course she died. The mother and trashy babydaddy (there are no longer fathers) thought she was a big albino Cheetoh and, drunk, fought over it/her sloppily until it/she pulled apart and spilled catsup/blood all over the indoor-outdoor wall-to-wall carpet in their double-wide.
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Did Lisa lopes have any babies?

Answer: . No. Lisa Lopes didn't have any children. They say she adopted a child, but they also say she was just helping her friend raise her.

What happened to baby Lisa?

baby lisa is still alive and her parents think that she is still out there somewhere and her parents also think that she could've been kidnapped and the kidnapper may have wen

Who is Lisa raye baby father?

Lisa Raye McCoy's daughter's father is Kenji Pace. She went to high school with him. And Lisa Raye is African American, Native American, and irish.