Did Derek Jeter ever attend classes at the University of Michigan?

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Yes, when he was in the minors he took classes during a fall semester, but that's all.
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Has Derek Jeter ever won an MVP?

Derek Jeter won the 2000 World Series MVP award, but has never won a season MVP nor ALCS MVP award. He has also won the 2000 All-Star Game MVP award.

Has Derek Jeter ever been married?

Derek Jeter has never been married but does have quite a fruitfuldating life. His list of past relationships include the former MissUniverse Lara Dutta, Joy Enriquez, Vanessa

Does Derek Jeter ever get nervous?

I believe Derek Jeter, just like any other athlete, does get nervous. Although the big moments don't seem to bother him, the way it might bother others. He has made a career o