Did Adolf Hitler only hate Jews?

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Hitler basically hated the Jews because they were the largest non-German ethnic minority in Central Europe at that time.
Hitler wanted a pure Germany (and Europe) without any "parasites".

At that time, there were only few Muslims and Africans living in Germany (unlike today).
But you can be sure that Hitler would have built exactly the same gas chambers when (instead of Jews) millions of Turks, Arabs, Indians and Africans had lived in Germany at that time.
Hitler's basic ideology was not solely anti-semitism, but racism in its most radical extent. The millions of Indian and Arab "fans" of Hitler should always be aware that they would also be on Hitler's "bug spray list" if they had lived in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.

Other answers:
  • No, he just hated Jews more than other non-Aryan peoples because Jews were the only foreigners in Germany at that time.

  • Hitler did not only hate Jews. He also hated Gypsies and also people with handicaps. All the "non-Aryan minorities" who lived in Germany at that time were regarded as "parasites" or even as enemies.
  • No, Hitler didn't only hate the Jews; he hated the gypsies, handy capped, homosexuals, Jehovah's Wittnesses and any one who didn't have a use in his plans for Germany.

  • Hitler did hate other people, but he saw the Jews as his biggest enemy. He came to this belief for two important reasons. First anti-semitism was widespread in Germany, so he was influenced by his surroundings. Second, He found (much like populistic politicians nowadays) that scapegoating one group (i.e. the Jews) won him popularity with the German public. So his anti-semitism also had practical reasons.

  • Furthermore, what should not be lost out of sight, is that Germans were very happy to blame the holocaust on one evil dead man (Hitler), although historical research seems to contradict this. The holocaust started with the "wild holocaust", whereby einsatzgruppen (ordinary Germans), started shooting Jewish civilians en masse, against explicit orders to do so. In fact, even after Himmler forbade the killing of Jews, this went on because most Germans refused to obey these orders. So, virulent anti-semitism can be denoted as a common trait back in Germany in the days, and in that sense Hitler was just an 'average' German.

  • No one can know for sure the thoughts of Hitler. For sure, Hitler didn't plant the seed of hatred in the mind of Germans. The hatred was present for many years, and was exacerbated by the effects of the treaty of Versailles. Whether Hitler had a true hatred of Jews, or was just using the German's hatred of Jews as a tool in his quest for power, is very debatable. Perhaps the better question is, "did the GERMANS hate only Jews?"

  • Hitler's propaganda helped seed of hatred grow within the Germans. Central to the his propaganda was a promotion of racial purity, just as in Italy. This campaign was successful: the German people began to feel that racial purity was necessary for the survival of their nation. Whether or not there was a hatred of those outside the German race, or if it was just simply actions based not on hate, but by false logic, is another matter up for debate.

    The exterminations that took place certainly were not only conducted on Jews. Gypsies were exterminated; retarded people, mentally ill, and homosexuals were routinely exterminated. Generally, all people that were considered inferior were exterminated. Polish people were among the first to be exterminated.

    So, while it cannot be said for sure that there was a true "hate", it is certain that whatever it was, it was not focused only on the Jews; the fact that they received the vast majority of the attention of the holocaust is attributable mainly to their greater presence in Germany.

    Not only did Hitler hate Jews, Gypsies, and handi-caps, he hated Catholics (although he couldn't really act on this due to the large numbers of Catholics within his ranks) and Slavs (as the tens of millions of Russian deaths during the war and horrid conditions in Russian POW camps can attest to) as well.
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