Dental formula of deciduous teeth?

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1) A.D.A system (The American Dental Association) , the teeth are designated by the alphabets, A through T ,starting at the maxillary right second deciduous molar. 2) PALMER system, makes use of a grid that has four quarters.each quarters represents one quadrent of the mouth.teeth are numbered from the midline posteriorly in each quadrant of the arch.the teeth are numbered 1 through 8 from the central incisor to the third permanent this case of deciduous dentition the designation used is A through E from the deciduous central incisor to the deciduous second molar and identifying a tooth in this system involves drawing of the specific grid and writing specific tooth alphabet (number for permanent dentition). I couldn't use the lines for draw the grid... maxillary patient right E D C B A A B C D E patient left E D C B A A B C D E mandibular 3) In F.D.I system, each tooth is given two digits.The first digit indicates the quadrant while the second digit the specific tooth in a quadrant.the quadrants are designted 1 through 4 for the permanent dentition and 5 through 8 for the primary dentition in a clockwise sequence starting at the patient's maxillary right quadrant.the deciduous teeth within the quadrant are numbered 1 to 5 starting at the central incisor….. It should be remembered that the two digits should be pronounced separately! good luck
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Deciduous teeth are what are commonly referred to as baby teeth - the teeth will fall out as they are replaced with permanent adult teeth. teeth that are losable

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There are many different formulas that could be considered dentalformulas. Formulas for toothpaste can be considered dental formulasfor example.

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(2,1,2,3/2,1,2,3) x 2 If you look at or feel one side of the top of your mouth you will have 2 incisors, 1 canine, 2 premolars and 3 molars (2 molars if you wisdom teeth hav