Cuckoo Wasp Life Cycle?

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Cuckoo Wasp lays their eggs in the nest of other species and feed its chick on them. It lays eggs near to the eggs of the host. The cuckoo Wasp egg hatches first and the larva eats the food that is stored by the host for their larva. Sometimes it waits for the host's eggs to hatch so that it can make it their food.
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What is a cuckoo?

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What does a cuckoo wasp eat?

Cuckoo wasps feed on nectar from flowers mostly. They are alsoknown to hover and feed on other wasps nests.

Can cuckoo wasps sting people?

A cuckoo wasp does not sting people. Cuckoo wasps do bite peoplewhen they feel threatened, but are normally pretty docile.

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