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How many English words can be formed from the word PLANET and could you list them?

PLANET . planet . platen . laten . leant . leapt . panel . paten . penal . petal . plane . plant . plate . pleat . plena . tepal . ante . elan . lane . late . lean . leap . lent . lept . nape . neap . neat . pale . pale . pant . pate . peal . pean . peat . pelt . plan . plat . plea . tael . tale . tape . teal . tela . tepa . ale . alp . alt . ant . ape . apt . ate . eat . eta . lap . lat . lea . let . nap . net . pal . pan . pat . pea . pen . pet . tan . tap . tea . ten . an . at

Could you list songs with the word button in them?

The only one I can think of is, "The hardest button to button" by The White Stripes.. Let's not forget Frosty The Snowman!

Could you give examples of words that are synonyms and antonyms?

Synonyms: Different words having the same or similar meaning. Synonyms for chasm: pit, gulf, abyss, gorge, gulch. Antonym: A word of opposite meaning. Usually, this implies that the words can be thought of as being on some kind of scale or continuum. hot: cold The 'scale' or 'continuum' being some sense of heat, whether it is physical or figurative. huge: tiny The 'scale' being size. weighty: trivial The 'scale' being degree of importance. up: down; and left: right The scale being relative direction. peanut butter: jam Hmmm. Jam seems not to fit. Jam is no more 'opposite' peanut butter than is jet ski. Words can be grouped together in many different ways; synonym and antonym describe just two basic ways. Peanut butter and jam are clearly related, aren't they? But they are neither synonyms nor are they antonyms. happy and sad are antonyms glad is a synonym for happy and another antonym for sad sad is a synonym for depressed and an antonym for glad

Could you give a list of polysemic words?

-wound -produce -refuse -polish -lead -desert -present -dove -object -close -does (think deer) -sewer -subject -bass -picture -seal -fly -match

List 3 synonyms for the Internet?

Some synonyms for the internet are: global web, channel, the web,World Wide Web, cyberspace, hyperspace, information highway, infobahn, online, the net.

What are some words I could use for a vocabulary list?

Answer . \n. That depends on what grade you are doing the list for. One way to find vocabulary words is to go to or any other search engine and type in the words 'vocabulary list'.

Can you give a list of words that are antonyms and synonyms?

Synonyms are words that are similar to another word in that theyhave relatively the same meaning. For example, synonyms of Small are Little, Diminutive, or Tiny. Antonyms arewords that are related to another word in that they mean theopposite. For example, antonyms of Small are Large,Gigantic, or Big.

Could you list synonyms for the word said?

Answer . try spoke, whispered, shouted, screamed, preached, talked, etc.. accused. clucked. gulped. pointed out. snapped. acknowledged. coaxed. gurgled. pondered. snarled. added. commanded. praised. sneered. addressed. commented. hinted. prayed. sneezed. admitted. complained. hissed. proclaimed. snickered. advised. conceded. hollered. promised. sniffed. affirmed. concluded. hypothesized. proposed. sniffled. agreed. confessed. protested. snorted. announced. confided. imitated. put in. sobbed. answered. congratulated. implied. puzzled. speculated. approved. continued. informed. spoke. argued. convinced. inquired. quavered. sputtered. asked. corrected. insisted. queried. squeaked. asserted. coughed. interjected. questioned. stammered. assured. cried. interrupted. quipped. started. avowed. croaked. quoted. stated. crowed. jeered. stormed. babbled. jested. ranted. stuttered. barked. dared. joked. reasoned. suggested. bawled. decided. reassured. surmised. beamed. declared. laughed. recalled. began. demanded. lied. reckoned. taunted. begged. denied. lisped. related. teased. bellowed. described. remarked. tempted. bet. disagreed. maintained. remembered. tested. bleated. disclosed. marveled. reminded. theorized. blurted. divulged. mentioned. repeated. threatened. boasted. doubted. mimicked. replied. told. boomed. drawled. moaned. reported. bragged. mumbled. requested. urged. broke in. echoed. murmured. responded. uttered. bubbled. ended. mused. retorted. volunteered. bugged. exclaimed. muttered. revealed. vowed. explained. roared. called. finished. nagged. wailed. cautioned. fretted. nodded. sang. warned. chatted. noted. sassed. went on. chattered. gasped. objected. screamed. wept. cheered. gibed. observed. scolded. whimpered. chided. giggled. offered. shot. whined. chimed in. greeted. ordered. shouted. whispered. choked. groaned. shrieked. wondered. chortled. growled. panted. shrilled. worried. chorused. grunted. piped. sighed. chuckled

Where could you find synonyms for different words?

You can find synonyms (as well as antonyms) in a standard dictionary, a thesaurus, or try the links below.

List three synonyms for the internet?

World Wide Web. Computer World. Virtual Community. etc. ( Internet , WWW, Web, World Wide Web, communications, computer network, data bank, data network, electronic highway, electronic mail, email, global village, infobahn, information space, information superhighway, information technology, online community, virtual community, virtual library, virtual reality)

Could you give a list of informal words?

Many informal words are used within the English language. Theyinclude greetings like 'dude' and 'man' as well as shorthand like'y'all.'

Give example of synonyms at list 30?

List of synonyms: above/over, garbage/trash, raise/lift, auto/car,woman/lady, stone/rock, large/big, infant/baby, street/road,small/tiny, shut/close, near/close, stop/cease, own/possess,reply/answer, exit/leave, false/untrue, happy/glad, rest/relax,ill/sick, under/below, shout/yell, hard/difficult, fast/quick,strange/odd, rug/carpet, evil/bad, speak/talk, shop/store,sniff/smell.

List of synonyms words?

There are many different synonym words available. Synonyms aremultiple words that have the same meaning. Some examplesare:Beautiful, Pretty, and StunningWicked, Evil, and NefariousWetand DampHard and DifficultSoft and EasySly and CunningHappy,Content, and Joyful

Could you list songs with the word brain in them?

Brain of Mine . The Dendrite Song . Because I Have A Brain . Brain Rap . Telegraph Line . I've Been Working On my Neurons . Use, Use, Use You're Brain . Home In The Brain . The Brain Chemicals . The Brain Song . The Impulse Travels All Along . Old McScientist Had A Brain . Brainy, Brainy Youre so bright . I've Been working on my Dendrites .

Could you list all songs with the word bell in them?

Bells Are Ringing - Lhasa Bells for Her - Tori Amos Bells Ring - Mazzy Star Broken Bells - The High Road Ring My Bell - Anita Ward Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield Wedding Bell Blues - The Fifth Dimension When They Ring Those Golden Bells - Natalie Merchant

Could you provide a list of words with prefix im?

imbalanceimmature immeasurable immortal impartial immovable implausible improbable imprecise imperceptible impossible immediately immaterial immobile impolite improper That's All For Now =]

Could you list the synonyms for the word walk?

stroll saunter ramble limp lurch stride pace meander wander roam stray hike march promenade trek waddle gallivant amble jaunt

List five synonyms for grownups?

mature . full grown . teenagers . shape up . get along . xoxoxox atee: vaalee i lovEe u.

Could I have a list of words ending with n?

words ending with d:. add . acquired . arid . bread . blood . bored . creed . dread . end . friend . flood . flaccid . greed . guessed . heard . hard . hired . issued . instead . intend . kind . kindred . lead . load . mustard . mallard . need . offend . pretend . rotund . round . slid . succeed . solid . told . used . valued . word . yard

Could you list the synonyms for said?

~言った / 言われた - said. (itta/iwareta). ~仰っしゃった / 仰せられた  - said/spoke (humble). (osshatta/ooserareta). ~申した / 申された - said/was called (humble). (moushita/mousareta). ~申し上げた / 申し上げられた - said/told/stated (humble). (moushiageta/moushiagerareta). ~申し述べた / 申し述べられた  - said/told/stated (humble). (moushinobeta/moushinoberareta)

Could you have a list of words ending in -city?

words ending with city:. aeroelasticity allergenicity analyticity anelasticity anthropocentricity anticity antigenicity aperiodicity apostolicity aromaticity atrocity audacity authenticity automaticity basicity bioelectricity caducity canonicity capacity carcinogenicity catholicity causticity centricity chromaticity chronicity city clonicity complicity concentricity conicity cubicity cyclicity cytopathogenicity cytotoxicity domesticity duplicity eccentricity ecumenicity edacity efficacity egocentricity elasticity electricity electrophilicity ellipticity endemicity epidemicity ergodicity ethnicity ethnocentricity exothermicity facticity felicity feracity ferocity ferroelectricity fugacity goitrogenicity helicity hepatotoxicity historicity homoscedasticity hydroelectricity hydrophilicity hydrophobicity hygroscopicity hypertonicity hypervelocity hypotonicity iconicity immunogenicity impudicity inauthenticity incapacity inelasticity infelicity intercity ionicity isotonicity loquacity lubricity lysogenicity megacity mendacity mendicity microseismicity minacity mitogenicity monochromaticity monospecificity monosyllabicity monotonicity multicity multiplicity mutagenicity nephrotoxicity neurotoxicity nucleophilicity oncogenicity opacity organicity ototoxicity overcapacity pathogenicity paucity periodicity perspicacity pertinacity phototoxicity phytotoxicity piezoelectricity plasticity pneumaticity precocity predacity prolificity publicity pugnacity pyroelectricity pyrogenicity quadruplicity quasiperiodicity rapacity raucity reciprocity rhythmicity rusticity sagacity salacity saprogenicity scarcity seismicity sequacity simplicity spasticity specificity sphericity stereospecificity supercity superplasticity syllabicity synchronicity tenacity teratogenicity theocentricity thermoelectricity thermoperiodicity thermoplasticity tonicity toxicity toxigenicity triboelectricity triplicity tumorigenicity velocity veracity viscoelasticity vivacity volcanicity voracity vorticity vulcanicity

Could you have a list of words ending in is-um?

altruism . botulism . cynicism . cannibalism . Catholicism . dualism . deism . euphemism . fatalism . futurism . fanaticism . criticism . heroism . hypothyroidism . exorcism . Judaism . Literalism . masochism . narcissism . mysticism . pluralism . pacifism . pessimism . classicism . patriotism . Quakerism . racism . symbolism . socialism . vandalism . vegetarianism

Can you list synonyms for the word you?

there aren't any.. unless you go slang... ya. Actually the person above me is incorrect, you can still use proper English. A word that can be used in place is old English but its thou, I'm sure there are other words but that's all i have off hand. If all else find yourself a nice thesaurus and you should be able to find all the words you can want!!

Can you list all the synonyms for pleasant?

Enjoyable Agrreable Pleasing Lovely Nice Pleasurable Satisfying Amusing Ieatyummy's Synonyms' . affable . soft . charming . agreeable . pleasurable . mild . nice . delightful . lovely . pleasing . polite . enjoyable . gracious . amiable . cordial

Could you have a list of words ending in -sty?

busty . crusty . dusty . frosty . feisty . fusty . gusty . hasty . honesty . lusty . musty . majesty . modesty . misty . pasty . rusty . thirsty . testy . tasty . yeasty . zesty

Could you have a list of words ending with k?

ask . attack . bark . beak . break . boardwalk . back . black . birthmark . blank . book . berserk . bedrock . carsick . candlestick . chalk . crack . cornstalk . clock . clerk . click . cluck . cassock . dark . duck . earmark . flunk . frank . flask . fullback . Greek . gridlock . hook . hijack . hammock . haystack . hardtack . humpback . halfback . jerk . knapsack . kink . kick . leak . look . mask . mollusk . mark . nook . pluck . peak . padlock . peacock . quack . quarterback . remark . rack . restock . racetrack . slingback . seek . soak . sock . sick . slick . stick . stock . shark . smokestack . smock . sneak . shriek . shamrock . toothpick . tamarack . thumbtack . truck . track . wick . weak . week . wink . wisecrack . watermark . whack . yak

List possible synonyms for 'sport'?

As a noun: play, game, recreation, competition, exercise, leisure activity, physical activity, physical education, athletics, diversion, fun, amusement, pleasure, merriment, gaiety As a verb: play, frolic, exercise, compete, display, wear, amuse oneself, entertain oneself, have fun, engage in leisure or physical activity

What is a synonym for the word synonym?

Some possible words are "equivalent" or less aptly, metonym (a distinctly separate way of stating the same thing). The word poecilonym means using synonyms simultaneously. The phrases "another word" or "equivalent term" can be used in the place of the word synonym.

What are the antonyms and synonyms of words listed in the dictionary?

Antonyms are words that mean the opposite of that word in the dictionary and synonyms are different words that have a similar meaning.

List of positives synonyms for narcissistic?

Narcissistic is a rather less than positive way of being. As such I can't really think of any 'nice' synonyms. However, some synonyms are vain, self-centered, egotistic, conceited.

How many English words can be formed from the word iougmaerp and could you list them?

4-letter words aero, ager, agio, ague, amie, amir, aper, arum, emir, ergo, euro, game, gamp, gape, gaum, gaur, gear, germ, geum, gimp, giro, goer, gore, gorp, gram, grim, grip, grue, grum, guar, mage, magi, mair, mare, meou, mire, mope, mora, more, moue, mura, mure, ogam, ogre, omer, page, pair, pare, peag, pear, peri, perm, pier, pima, poem, pome, pore, pour, pram, prao, prau, prig, prim, proa, prog, prom, puma, pure, puri, rage, ragi, rami, ramp, rape, ream, reap, repo, rime, ripe, roam, romp, rope, roue, roup, ruga, rump, urea, urge 5-letter words aimer, amigo, amour, argue, auger, aurei, erugo, gamer, gaper, gramp, grape, grime, gripe, grope, group, grume, grump, guiro, image, imago, marge, miaou, moira, moire, moper, morae, omega, opera, opium, ourie, pager, pareu, parge, pargo, pirog, prima, prime, primo, proem, purge, ramie, regma, remap, rogue, rouge, rugae, uraei 6-letter words aerugo, gamier, giaour, guimpe, imager, impure, magpie, maigre, mauger, maugre, mirage, mopier, morgue, umpire, uremia 7-letter words emporia, epigram, gourami, groupie, meropia, pirogue, primage 8-letter words umpirage

List five push and pull factors?

pull factors political and religious freedom better medical care family links education enjoyment push factors loss of health death threats landlords pollution poor chances of finding courtships

A list of synonyms of the word MODERN?

contemporary . hip, trendy . cutting edge or leading edge . up to date . neo, new, now, current, today . fresh, "mod" . fashionable . in vogue . progressive . inovated . up to the minute . the "leatest and greatest"

Could malice be synonym for vengeance?

A loose synonym, at best. Vengeance implies a specific target that harm is to be done to, whereas malice is simply the desire to commit a harmful act. For example, if I hurt you for offending me, that's malice. If I target you in retaliation for you previously hurting me or someone I care for, that's vengeance.

If possible how do you push up a certain word in Google's suggestion box list to the top of the list?

You can't. The suggestion box bases its listing, or rather sorts it, by most recent of the current spelling you are using. For instance, if you were doing a search for antidisestablishmentarianism, and you had already done a search for anime, anarchy, and apples the previous day, Google will sort it by chronological order rather than alphabetical order (like you searched for anime first, then apples, and finally anarchy being the most recent; anarchy will show up at the top of the list when you type in "a").

How many English words can be formed from the word newspaper and could you list them?

Some words that can be made from 'newspaper' are: . a . an . answer . ape . are . asp . awe . ear . earn . ewe . nape . near . new . news . pan . pane . paper . pare . pear . peep . pen . prawn . prep . ran . rap . rasp . raw . reap . renew . sane . sap . saw . spar . spear . swan . swap . swear . sweep . wan . wane . war . ware . warn . warp . was . wasp . wean . wear . weep . wrap

Could you give me a list of words that begenning in letter i?

ibis (a bird) . ice . identity . igloo . ignite . ignore . illustrate . image . important . impress . in . indigo . ink . infer . innocent . into . inaugurate . initial . introduce . invitation . iron . island . isolate . ivy

How many English words can be formed from the word examination and could you list them?

Words that can be made from the word 'examination' are: . a . aim . am . amen . an . anemia . ant . ante . anti . animation . annex . anoint . at . ate . atom . atone . ax . axe . eat . emanation . emit . eon . exam . exit . I . in . inn . inane . inanimate . inmate . innate . into . intone . ion . iota . it . item . ma . main . maintain . man . mane . mania . manta . mat . mate . me . mean . meant . meat . men . mention . met . mien . mine . minion . mint . mite . mix . moan . moat . mote . moxie . name . nation . neat . neon . net . next . nine . nix . no . nominate . none . not . note . oat . omen . omit . on . one . ox . oxen . tam . tame . tan . tax . taxi . tea . team . ten . tenon . tie . time . tin . tine . to . toe . tome . ton . tone . toxemia . toxin . xenon

How many push ups could Jesus do?

12 in the answer because he had 12 deciples and he made them do 1 each georgina wrote this

Could you list songs with the word could in them?

Just a Dream by Nelly. He Could be the One by Hannah Montana. Raise Your Glass by Pink.

How many English word can be formed from the word relationship and could you list them?

202 words total (unless I counted wrong) relation relations laps hate hates hater haters hast has hats hat lap tears tear snare list lapse steal paints paint painter painters stale on one past pant pants sea ship real reals reap seal slap sear pier piers let lest lets spear tires tire pie pies sh*t share shire rash nap naps pan pans sip pirate pirates tap taps tin tins tons ton rip rips hips hip tip tips nips nip pear pair pears pairs later late ear ears aisle isle pile piles pit pits slit spit ion ions rapes rape rap raps sat sit spin ale opens open in it its lips lip pelt pelts slept tile tiles hires hire ire tie ties teal leap leaps snot snip not note notes ate eat eats sap apes ape pines pine pent pen lent ten net nets snap split lisp nit nits pat pats paste staple stapler rate rates plate plates lair liar lairs liars air airs peas pea tea tapes tape hints hint thin than then hairs hair hares hare tail tails tales tale ail ails pint pints point points pointer pointers peal peals halts halt lint pals pal pail pale pails pales hot hots shot spot plant plants planets planets heals heal

Could you have synonyms for the word no?

Yes there are some synonyms for the word no. Some include "turndown, decline, negative, forbid. For more go onto

What are synonyms for could?

might, can, may possibly, may perhaps, may well, possibly will. If these don't work go on Microsoft word, type in the word could, right click on it then click synonyms and you can find your awnser

Are there any synonyms for the word synonym?

The term synonym means equivalence, and the adjective synonymous can mean equivalent, same, similar, or alike.

How could you put synonym in a sentence?

well u just have to type int th answer and see wat comes up now have a nice day loser

Could you list synonyms for the word surprised?

Some synonyms for surprised: amazed astonished astounded startled stunned staggered shocked wonder speechless takenback dumbfounded

How many English words can be formed from the word 'entertainment' and could you list them?

ENTERTAINMENT . a, . aim . air . am, . amen, . an, . anent, . ant, . ante, . anti, . are, . arm . art, . at, . ate, . attain, . attire . ear, . earn . eat, . eaten, . em, . eminent, . emit, . en, . enema, . entente, . enter, . entertain, . entertainment, . entire, . entrain, . entrant, . entreat . entree, . era, . ermine . I, . in, . inane, . inert, . inmate, . inn . innate, . inner, . intent, . inter, . interment, . intern, . internet, . irate, . ire, . it, . item . main, . man, . mane, . manner, . mar, . mare, . mart, . mat, . mate, . matter, . mean, . meant, . meat, . meet, . men, . mere, . met, . mete, . meter . mien, . minaret, . mine, . miner, . mint, . minter, . mire, . mite, . miter, . name, . near, . neat, . nee, . net, . nine . nineteen . nit . niter, . nitrate, . raiment, . rain, . ran, . rant, . rat . reenter, . rein, . remain, . remit, . remnant, . rent, . retain, . rim, . rime, . taint, . tam, . tame, . tamer, . tan, . tanner, . tar . tart, . tat . tea, . team, . tear, . tee, . teem, . teen, . ten, . tenant, . tenement, . tenet, . tent, . term . termite . tie . tier . time, . timer, . tin, . tine, . tint, . tire, . titer, titre . train, . tram, . treat, . treatment . tree . trim, . trite,

How many English words can be formed from the word 'planets'and could you list them?

Words that can be formed using the letters of "planets" are: . a . ale . an . ape . apt . as . asp . at . ate . east . eat . Lanes . lap . Lapse . last . late . lea . Leans . Leaps . least . lest . let . nap . nape . neat . nest . net . pa . pal . pale . Palest . pan . pane . Panel . Panels . pant . pants . past . Paste . Pastel . pat . pate . pea . Pelts . pen . pent . pest . pet . Petal . Petals . plan . Planes . Planet . Plants . Plates . Pleas . Pleats . sale . salt . sane . sap . sea . seal . seat . sent . Slant . slap . Slate . Slept . snap . span . spat . spate . Spelt . Spent . Stale . Staple . Steal . Tales . tan . tap . tape . tea . teal

Where might someone find a list of synonyms available for the word certain?

One can find a list of synonyms for the word certain directly the the dictionary website. There are always a list of synonyms available for word certain.

Where can a person find a list of synonyms for the word divergence?

The word "divergence" means to a separation from something. A comprehensive list of synonyms for this word can be easily found on the web domain "Thesaurus."