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Como a agua desaparece?

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If there is an accent over the first 'o', it is a question;
'How does water disappear?'
If there is no accent, it is a statement:
(It) disappears like water/ Like water it disappears
As (in the way that) water disappears
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What is como?

Assuming you mean as a Spanish word, "como" can be (1) aconjunction meaning "like" or "as"; or (2) a verb form meaning "Ieat." If you meant it to be a proper noun (which shoul

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Consultando um índice de densidade específica de materiais. Se a densidade for menor que 1 vai flutuar, se for maior vai afundar, tendo como base a densidade da água. Se o

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Como means how, so for ex. if someone says Como eres? (How are you?), you can say bien gracias, which means fine thank you.

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nash aguas is an actor in luv u and i am a really big fan of him  his so cute and hot    - iamroseannp

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