Cold sore remedies?

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Abreva 5 times a day, valtrex 2000mg in the morning, 1000mg 12h later...ocean salt water.
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What are the remedies for sore backs?

\nSome remedies for Back pain are;\n1. Rest in a hot bath for a while, it relaxes your muscles. \n2. Places slices of raw potato on aching areas, potato has natural vitamins a

What are treatments or remedies to heal or cure cold sores?

Treating and healing cold sores . In the first fifteen minutes of a feel of an outbreak - put an ice cube in a cloth and press upon sore. Sometimes this will heal the outbr

Remedies for canker sores?

I get these all the time and have many remedies that have worked for me.. The simplest on is to just put some ice to numb the or reduce swelling if you have any. I also think

Are there any remedies for cold sores?

Well, one way is to drink water with salt in it. Yeah, it will hurt, but it helps!. Another way is to drink a lot of milk. Or eat ice cream, milkshakes, anything like that!.

What is a home remedy to get rid of cold sores?

You know how cold air feels really good on cold sores? Yeah, that's why ice-cubes help. If you want to get rid of a cold soar including the pain, you've got to remember NOT

Home remedy for cold sores?

There are many hme remedies for cold sores Some of them are : Lemon Balm: Lemon is mainly used as topical herbal treatment for cold sores. It is a member of the mint family w
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What is the best remedy for sore eyes?

it depends in what way they are sore. Try resting them i.e. no watching tv, reading or computer for long periods of time. Get lots of sleep. If they are infected (puss or gung
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What remedies are available for cold sores?

Medicated cold sore remedies include brands such as Abreva, Orajel, and Prevasure. Home remedies for cold sores include applying ice or tea bags to the affected area, or apply
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What are some remedies for treating cold sores?

Cold sores will clear up on their own in about a week's time. One could apply an over the counter antiviral cream or cold sore patch to help speed up the healing time.
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What are some remedies for sore eyes?

Are your eyes sore? Looking for some home remedies? Well there are a lot of them out there you can try. One remedy is wiping your eyes with chamomile.
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What are some natural remedies for cold sore relief?

Some natural remedies for cold sore relief include covering the cold sore with petroleum jelly, ice packs and milk. You can learn more about cold sores at the Wikipedia.