Class action Settlement money is it taxable?

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You never know how many people are facing the same problem with a product or service. The ones who start a Class Action usually get the bigger chunk of the settlement. Came across this: Apparently you can start a Class Action and if others join.. A class action lawsuit can easily be formed.
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Class action settlement?

Class action settlements benefit a group of people. They can be for a variety of reasons and there are a variety of types of class action lawsuits. Perhaps the most common typ (MORE)

What is this class action settlement suit?

A class action lawsuit is a lawsuit in which one firm represent many different clients in the same claim. They are usually taken out against larger companies as they can bare (MORE)
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Where can you get information on class action settlements?

There are many websites that have information on class action settlements. You can find information on recently added filed cases and recently settled/concluded cases. These s (MORE)