Chrysler sebring 2005 convertible right turn signal flashes very fast rear light isn't flashing either what would you need to do to fix it?

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That means one of your bulbs is burnt out if the rear is not flashing that is the bulb that is burnt out. You have to take off the nib on the carpet in the back remove the housing by unscrewing the three black plastic wing nuts. Take the housing off unscrew the grey thing that the bulb is attached to replace the bulb and but everything back together
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Do you have 1996 sebring convertible How do you fix right signal light in the rear front signal light works faster tha usual?

usually when it cold out it happens to me also something maybe in the fuse. For the rear flashers when one side is flashing faster than usual it is usually an indication that

How do you fix turn signals that turn on and do not flash?

Answer To fix it do this : say the drivers side blinker goes on and does not flash. Well then you have either the front or rear blinker burned out. Thx KB There's the possibi

How do you troubleshoot and fix the right turn signal of a 1997 Pontiac Firebird Convertible that gets stuck and does not flash?

Answer . Change the blinker bulb for that side. It is a hit and miss though. If you change the front bulbs and it still doesn't blink you will also need to change the rear

Your right turn signal just flash fast the light come on in the front and rear Do you need a flasher or a new fuse If you need a flasher where is the location on a 1997 Pontiac sunfire?

Answer . Start by checking to make sure you have the correct size bulbs installed. If they are correct then replace the flasher relay. It is located Front seating area, dr

Why would the oil light be flashing on a 2002 Chrysler sebring?

I don't have an answer but I have the same problem. Seems to flash on and off while stopped at red lights or when I put on the brakes. There's plenty of oil in the car because

What cases a Ford LEFT turn signal to flash fast no left turn rear light no rear left brake light?

change the light bulb. ^another poor answer, I need to give this guy a call.. The Left turn signal is flashing fast when turned on, its usually because there is Imbalance in

Turn signal lights but does not flash?

check bulbs first. cheapest, easiest and more likely. if not flasher relay is probably defective. on 1999 gr. cherokee remove access panel below steering wheel. it is top of j