Can your landlord garnish your salary after they evict you if you owe them money?

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Yes. It happens every day.
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If the landlords accepted half the rent owed can they then proceed to evict me?

Yes--unless you and the landlord made an agreement not to evict in writing, the landlord waives no right to evict you simply by accepting a partial rent payment. However, maki

Will the eviction show up if you don't owe money?

Yes! An unlawful detainer judgment will show on a credit report despite the fact that money is not owed. Generally, when you apply for an apartment, you fill out the applicati

You were evicted from your apartment for late payment on the rent and your landlord wants to file a judgment against you for money owed?

First, he cannot just file for a judgment. He has to be granted a judgment by the courts. And this involves a hearing, which gives you an opportunity to file a counterclaim, o

Can the army garnish your GI bill if you owe them money?

If you have an outstanding debt to the US Army, they may recover it by nearly any means necessary. If you are receiving benefits under the GI Bill, and depositing this in a ba

Will an eviction be voided after the landlord accepts money once the eviction is finalized?

Not necessarily: this depends on how much money you have paid the landlord. If you paid all of the money you owed the landlord before hand and then your current rent, then the