Can your condominium association decline to pay for damages if a window leaked and caused damage to the wall on the inside of the condo?

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You can find the answer you want in your governing documents. There, you can find out who owns the window. If you own it, then you are responsible; if the association owns it, then the association is responsible.

(The mystery issue is: what is a 'window'? What is included in the definition? The glass? The casing? The screens? The framing? Your governing documents and your association may or may not have defined this variable.)

Your first task will be to repair the damage. Water intrusion always leads to mold, so it is imperative that the leak damage be repaired, and the source identified and also repaired. As soon as possible.

There may be a difference here between who is responsible to pay and who is responsible to repair.

Contact your HO-6 policy broker and describe the situation. The broker can help you by working with the association's master policy carrier to repair and to pay.
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