Can you use 2 ipods on 1 PC?

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Ipods Yes, if your computer has 2 USB ports.
Independent from the answer above: You can use 2 but be careful about syncing them with iTunes on your PC. If you sync both of them then you will have the same tunes on each iPod. You will need to turn off the auto sync function and manually add music to each iPod.
You can follow this link for more info:
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Can 2 ipods be used on 1 PC computer?

YES YOU CAN! Close iTunes Hold down the SHIFT key and open iTunes from the START MENU (must be start menu) Hold SHIFT down until a new option opens up asking if you wou

Can you use an iPod with a PC?

Yes, you can still install the iTunes/iPod software, and plug in your iPod, if you have a PC. I have a PC and an iPod.

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There are a number of free alternatives available for Windows such as Sharepod, Ephpod, and Yamipod. However, you will need to use iTunes if you wish to update the iPod firmwa

Can you link 2 ipods and an iPhone to one PC?

YES YOU CAN!. Close iTunes. Hold down the SHIFT key and open iTunes from the START MENU (must be start menu). Hold SHIFT till down until a new option opens up asking

Can you use same iPod with PC and mac?

it depends. some will have to be re-foramtted (nano, and classic (really any one with a hard drive)) but touch's and iphones should work no problem

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To begin, you will need to restore your iPod touch to install 2.0 on it. Be warned, restoring the iPod will erase all content on the iPod, so make sure you have the content in

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Can you use iPod shuffle speakers on your tablet PC?

No, you can not use the ipod shuffle speakers for your tablet PC. The reason for this is that the shuffle speakers come in the form of a docking station and there is not a way